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Hey Gang
DesertFox07 at 6:57AM, July 2, 2007
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Hey everyone. Long time comics reader/writer/artist just saying hello. Will have some stuff to post for crits and comments shortly. Look forward to make a few acquaintances. See ya out there.
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Cthulhu at 7:17AM, July 2, 2007
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I'll be sure to check your comic some time!
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ZeroVX at 8:35AM, July 2, 2007
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Welcome to the Duck!

Is that Homestar Runner on your avatar?
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SilverWordz at 9:57AM, July 2, 2007
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Welcome to DD. :)
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maritalbliss at 12:25PM, July 2, 2007
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Well, this is the place for makin' “acquantances” oh, and comics and critiques. Welcome to it!
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