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HEY YOU! you an artist? Want to work together?
campbellim at 6:21PM, Jan. 2, 2011
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Hello. I'm a writer. I have a comic for which I need an artist.

This comic is about a member of the Pentogi military school. He is around 17. His closest friends include a boy with multiple persoalities, and a “delusional” girl. He is a genious swordsmen and his family has always had the job of protecting the royal family. For him his main job focuses onproteting the princess, his father protects the king and queen. Normally this would be a very boring job, but he never has an easy day, a life filled with betrayal, death, hypocrites. He must rely on his friends to help him, stay alive as well as protecting the princess. Despite these troubles, theres humor in it. (Be it at times dark humor)
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