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Mr_Henry at 3:00PM, Dec. 26, 2010
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I go by Mr. Henry, not because it's fancy but because anyone older than I am tends to call me that so it stuck. I'm a lover of art, comicing, manga and various music, hard to pin down a favorite group or genre, so I have none. I work with a quirky bunch at a webcomic site called AngelTech Media were not very well known, but there are plenty of good artists there. I'm here because I want to learn more about the mysterious world of webcomicing as a way to improve my own work.

…And to read some awesome webcomics! :D

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rokulily at 9:23PM, Dec. 26, 2010
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why hello good sir and welcome to the duck! tis a fine place with many a great comic and wonderful people. mostly oddballs- but who better to associate yourself with then a group of delightfully unique and pleasent comickers?

so good luck and have fun!
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