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Hi-res screentones available...
fluffybunnies at 12:20PM, July 18, 2007
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I uploaded all of the screentone sheeting that I've scanned in at 300 dpi (I know a lot of people prefer 600, but I think 300 prints out better myself. If the files themselves were any huger, they'd be a lot more difficult to work with –at least with a computer as slow as mine. As it is each file is about 1 - 2 megabits…)

Anyway, here's the folder where they are:

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Eunice P at 4:21AM, July 20, 2007
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Ah. Cool! *heart ya* ^__^

Actually, the reason I requested 600 is because it's the standard format for printers to publish books. But 300 will do, the difference is only minor pixelated quality. You've put up so much effort scanning and uploading them all. Thanks!
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