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HiitD Team looking for Background Artist
Vakanai at 12:48PM, Feb. 27, 2009
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We are looking for a background artist for Hell is in the Details, a webcomic/manga about a kind of unlikely team fighting off monsters (and monkeys) to save a small town from the evil machinations of a hungry wendigo. Oh, and a snallygaster! I love that word.
The locations range from urban, rural, frightening, and unlikely. I believe a lot of the emotion to be gained from a visual story is in the environment, and I would like someone who would be willing to try for their best.
The story is relatively short at five chapters, and there is no rush on time.
You will get to work closely with the main artist and you shall get full credit for your work. Not store credit or anything you can spend, but bragging rights and such. Yay you!;)
Oh, and the ability to draw cars would be nice.
Some pictures of the characters the main artist has done and a rough script by me is available for anyone interested to see if this looks like the kind of project you would want your name on.
Please PQ me or post here if interested.
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