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Pixel Filth at 6:47AM, Oct. 4, 2006
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Hello fellow Citizens of DrunkDuck, I come bearing gifts of akward new guy postings!

So, I've been searching around a little while for a place to start Pixel Filth. It's a labor of love, like I'm sure many of fellow DDers comics are. Still I'm just happy to finally be doing the strip. The community here is by far the best I've come across, which is really why I'm here to begin with.

Mmm, well… I suppose I'll just end this by making a sentance to wrap up the whole post all nice and neatly. I guess? Yeah I guess this one here is that sentance. See, didn't I tell you this'd be akward?

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KomradeDave at 7:33AM, Oct. 4, 2006
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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe: The Anti Sprite Coalition on fire off the shoulder of Cut and Paste. I watched Top Drawer glitter in the dark near the Forumhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, likeā€¦ tears in the rain.
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Vaoni at 7:46AM, Oct. 4, 2006
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Howdy hey. Welcome to DD!

- Updated! 1.10.06
“You'd never get a cat to be a servant. You ever see a cat return a stick? ”Hey man! You threw the stick, you go get it yourself! I'm busy! If you wanted the stick so bad, why'd you throw it away in the first place?"
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Podunk U at 9:28AM, Oct. 4, 2006
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Well, hello there.
Words flow out of my mouth like a fountain. Much of it splashes unused on the ground, but when one chooses to take a drink, it often brightens their day. However, sometimes it tastes like piss and they say, “Bob your words taste like piss” and I am sad.
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deleted-byrequest-03 at 3:05PM, Oct. 4, 2006
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Yeah, welcome!!!

I've noticed that too. No one on the forums has struck to me as an asshole, so it's all good :D

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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gigatwo at 3:27PM, Oct. 4, 2006
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Welcome to the duck!
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xkyuketsuki at 2:50PM, Oct. 8, 2006
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welcomes :p
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Adariel at 6:03PM, Oct. 8, 2006
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welcome to DD, keep clear of the brass section, thats where all the baddies are hiding
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BigFishComic at 11:06PM, Oct. 8, 2006
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yay awkward person.
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br4nzilla at 1:16AM, Oct. 10, 2006
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This community rockeths many a pair of boxers. Welcome!
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Eirikr at 4:23PM, Oct. 10, 2006
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Welcome to Drunkduck. Your comic looks very sharp and crisp for a newbie, which is awesome. Plus, the writing is….interesting. I'll keep an eye on this.
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