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Holy Crap! Everyone Awesome is Dying!
Aurora Moon at 1:53PM, July 18, 2009
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why am i the only one who liked billy mays…?
i mean he's rly hilarios..
he was a famous icon… i don't know maybe its the fact i never heard of that lady… or that i was born around the time michael jackson started becoming weird but of the three billy mayes was rly the only person whose death rly hit home.

(though the non-stop ‘you’de-think-it-was-some-sort-of-terrorist-attack' media frenzy about michael jackson's death didn't help much about my view on it… seriosly its been more than a week now they should really start at least airing some different news… >_<

That was how I felt when Nicole died… remember how they aired nothing but Nicole after her death?
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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