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DOUK at 8:00PM, Dec. 12, 2008
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As of right now my homepage just has my comic title at the top in Comic Sans and the latest comic underneath. There is a blog I added at the bottom but I don't know how to update my blog. Any help on that?!?

I also wish to put a sort of graphic on the top of my hope page, instead of the Comic Sans “Rated Douk”. Do I need to use the Raw HTML format, because I don't know how to do HTML very good. If that is the only way, could someone help me with doing that? Because I don't know how much customization one can do with the Raw HTML option.

Thanks in advance!
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ozoneocean at 7:54AM, Dec. 13, 2008
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For the blog, have a look in your comic control panel. There are little tabs at the top. The one you want is “Forum/Blog” :)

For the title image: comic control panel as well ;)
You can upload an image using the form. It's on the first tab: “Comic Overview”. It's called “Comic Title Image”.
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