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Homepage or not?
Zerglingleader at 7:42PM, Aug. 18, 2008
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I was just wondering. Which gets more comments, and which do you prefer for your own comics as well as when you read others? Homepage or no?
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BlkKnight at 8:02PM, Aug. 18, 2008
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The homepage has a few quirks in it that aren't the greatest navigation-wise.

1) Extra clicks to comment

2) Latest really means second latest
That's “Dr. BlkKnight” to all of you.
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Zerglingleader at 8:38PM, Aug. 18, 2008
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Yeah I noticed… But it also puts my blog on the front page which NO ONE would read otherwise…
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Evil_Snuffkin at 8:00AM, Aug. 19, 2008
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I think there are only two reasons you should have a home page:

1. The story's finished and you don't want to spoil the ending for new readers.

2. The content is not worksafe and you want to warn your readers before they view any pages.

Most people I have spoken to find unnessesary homepages annoying but I don't really know if it affects readership. You could always do away with it and simply put a link to your blog in the Author's Comments.
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mattchee at 9:05AM, Aug. 19, 2008
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I originally started with a homepage and ditched it. I wanted to have it so that I could have some of the info on there that you can have on your comics pages (like a blog that's separate from the page comments, a story so far type of thing… etc)… I also wanted to give people the option of not seeing the latest page in case they were just starting the story! But it made the navigation weird, and I can say for certain I noticed a spike in interest/pageviews after removing it.

I can now see why. I get pretty annoyed with homepages, even if they display the latest page. It messes up navigation, and is basically one more click that the reader has to make…. which, as effortless as it sounds, will thin out your potential audience, unless what you have on your homepage is REALLY good.

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Skullbie at 9:38PM, Aug. 19, 2008
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I dislike homepages, i wish people wouldn't use them. And you can get a mini blog code for the normal pages btw, just google for them and plug 'em in. :)

Or use the author comments as a blog like most others do
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MrGranger at 8:48AM, Feb. 28, 2012
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I started Daddy's Girls with homepage since it's new…but I will go back to normal when I've got a bunch of comics up.  Anyone else try this route?
Genejoke at 10:47AM, Feb. 28, 2012
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but no, hate the homepage function.  
ATBL at 11:29AM, May 18, 2012
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I'm glad I came across this thread because I am about to
redesign my site and I'm looking for as many tips as possible. Right now, I do
have a homepage but all it is used for is featuring the most recent page. Based
on what I'm reading here, I should probably do away with it. For real? I had
never even considered this because I see homepages in a number of successful
comics and I don't really see the inconvenience in having one. Also, I kind of
see it as a benefit in some ways because when someone types in the actual site
url it takes them directly to the homepage (which in my opinion will forever
continue to display better pages than the first page of the comic). The homepage
on my site features nothing else special - it is just the most recent page. Should
I get rid of the homepage button after all?? I feel so torn now……….

El Cid at 7:01AM, May 21, 2012
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I don't think they were talking about that kind of homepage; Drunk Duck has a feature when you post a comic here called “homepage,” that makes your readers always start at the beginning of your comic. It's very annoying, and it only makes sense IMO if the creator is clueless enough to think most of the people who visit their comic are seeing it for the first time, and that most new people are actually going to start from the beginning and read their comic all the way through. The only time, I think, it makes sense to use the homepage feature is if your comic is finished or no longer updating, and even then its debatable.
El Cid at 7:03AM, May 21, 2012
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EDIT: Oops, didn't realize how old this thread was!
It's also worth noting that this thread was started way before the site makeover, so the homepage feature was different back then, and had some additional bells and whistles. It was still annoying though.

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