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How are you today?
Runosonta at 6:06AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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We had a similar topic at Punk In Finland, where I used to write.

Basically people can see how you're doing without having to ask.
Err.. or something like that. Not quite like a diary though :P
We had hundreds of pages in this topic, it was the most popular there was. Really brought the community together, we made many real life friends through that thread.
Let's see if you like it aswell :D

I'll give it a go anyway.

+ jumped from #4k something to #295 in Comic Book/Story! YEY! Thanks, dudes :D
+ it's nice and sunny here in Finland
+ I'm listening to Porcupine Tree
- my cats are lazy as hell
- my head hurts
- I bought a rotten pineapple

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Mr Chappers at 7:04AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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lets see.

+I got an Amazing girlfriend
+It is a really nice day in England
+I get to see my girlfriend later
-My sister has Big Brother on the TV
- I'm board
- It looks like now the sister is putting on eastenders

Read the Author, its good i promise.
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Jorge Vega at 7:34AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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Today's shaping up to be okay…

+ 3 weeks of vacation ahead
+ my daughters are out with their auntie for the day
+ wife at work
+ home alone for the first time in eons
+ pantless
Creator of Gunplay
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D0m at 9:15AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ Nadya breached the top 100 overall. Amazing. I think she's 79 in comic book/story.
+ I get to have lunch in about 15 minutes.
+ It's a Wednesday!
+ I got the go-ahead to ditch my religion.
+ Nadya has a nice amount of pageviews so far!
+ Twenty nine days till school starts!

- Minor things have been ticking me off today, like actually having work to do while I'm at work.
- I'm hating my job more than usual.
- I'm still scared to ditch the religion, although I did it mentally long ago.
- My girlfriend's still about 1000 miles away from me.

Nadya- a tale about what happens to SOME of us when we die.

Currently: Nadya is awake and asking more relevant questions.
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silentkitty at 9:37AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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Let's see, not much is going on today, sadly. x3

+ It's nice out so far today, not blazing hot like it has been the last few days.
+ I have a yummy vegetable medley for lunch!
+ I'm pretty happy with how the next page of PT is coming out.
+ I've been kind of productive this morning, despite the headache!

- Rent is due today, which always brings my bank account to an embarrassingly low number.
- I'm extremely tired and have a bad headache, as I have for the last couple of days for some reason.
- Different organizations keep calling me for donations, even though I have no money of my own. Three called just this morning! >:[ Go away! If I want to donate some of my non-existant money to somebody, I'll find you!
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AQua_ng at 10:08AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I'm playing Pokemon Pearl. Hurray for being a kid.
+ I'm using my laptop. Hurray for being a teenager.
+ I'm not in school. Hurray for being a…something or other.

- My sister's boyfriend has come over. Boo.
- I'm going to eat dinner with him and perhaps communicate with him.
- I have to watch my family act over the top while he's around.

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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Terminal at 10:25AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I have Pokemon and Advance Wars on my PSP. (D:)
+ It's a beautiful gray day outside, and there is a chance of rain!
+ I'm proud of the latest page of Somewhere in SF.
+ The Los Angeles Airport looks beautiful today.
+ The live version of Peter Frampton's “Do You Feel Like We Do?” is on the radio.
+ Portfolio is coming along awesome.

- My life is incredibly boring and lonesome.
- I'm two steps from an eating disorder and ten steps away from killing myself.
- My computer is slowly falling apart and it only has a few months left.
- It's very lonely where I am.
- D:
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fern at 11:31AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I just finished Speech class and I kicked that ass… made everyone laugh.
+ What Terminal said… I love gloomy days, though it's not gunna rain Termy… Why do you ask? Simple. We're in LOS ANGELES!!!
+ This really cool song played on the radio while I was driving home, I'm gunna look it up on
+ I just became an uncle for the first time last week… It's awesome. Though the kid is very lazy… ALL HE DOES IS SLEEP!

- I've had a cough for the last 4 days now and it's really annoying.
- Turns out you need a bill or a debit card to get a Blockbuster account…
- I'm not going to see Hot Fuzz tonight. : (
- I have to study for my Speech midterm…
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Runosonta at 12:25PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ just saw a couple of great episodes of Naruto Shippuuden and two good history and nature documents
+ drinking beer
- my sister got fired from her job as a journalist: apparently they are “under major changes”

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2ndwnd at 12:41PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I've got a great wife and kid at home… I love my girls.
+ I have a good job, I get to work with students as they navigate college and life.
+ The new semester is about to start
+ My job allows a TON of time off in the summer.
+ I maybe an adult, but I still know how to play
+ I have a streaming radio station with 80's rock playing {Meatloaf's “paradise by the daskboard lights” is playing now:)]
+ I have 2 Hondas and have not been left on the side of the road for 6 years.

- My wife and I get on one another's nerves during the summer
- … er, … sorry I got nothin'
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notlikelytocare at 12:53PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I'm alive
+ I have internet
- I'm in Iraq
- I'm lonely
- I pissed off Lefarce
- I'm lonely
- My girlfriend “couldnt handle” the long distance relationship (read cheated)
- I am probably getting kicked out of the Army when I get back to the states…
- Life sucks in general..

My avatar is tiny because I'm compensating.
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Fitz at 1:06PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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Basically this week sucked for me so far, with minor exceptions

- there's a wedding next week I have to go to and I don't feel like at all, for many, many reasons. There are gonna be people there. Many people. Superficial people. Think Paris Hilton of all shapes, sizes and gender. Two day long vanity fair! Weehoo… *gags*

- hardware at work keeps screwing up

- there's always someone wanting something from me, putting me down or pulling me away from what I'm doing and ruining my schedule

- ever since Monday morning I'm getting increasingly angry and everyone proceeds to carelessly piss me off even if I tell them to leave me alone

The good things:

+ got myself a bunch of new clothes, at the same time broke my ten-year-old habit of wearing only black

+ actually made some nice progress with the comic, and even though it's still just the fifth page, and it dropped from #957 to #1060, I'm still happy I'm doing it

+ got some wicked ideas for one of my novels that I intend to touch up and get out there with it :D
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TheMidge28 at 2:02PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+wife and child…love ‘em
+a job
+comics that I enjoy creating and posting here.
+plans this weekend.

-not enough time in the world.
-not enough money to pay the bills.
-my dad is going into surgery Monday for intestinal cancer. and he’s scared. Hard to see my father like that.
-worried about my mom who my dad is all she has. no friends. and my brother and I live away with our own family and lives.
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marine at 3:03PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+penis updated today
+I read and liked Ant-Man's new book today
+I listened to Howard Stern
+I'm nominated for Drunk Duck awards in Best Writing and Best Humor
+I get to spend time with my girlfriend at her new apartment
-I didn't like todays page, and in fact found it just plain out crappy.
-my girlfriends moving, which makes life harder for me.
-I don't have any paying comic book work.
-I'm dying.
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Jules at 3:29PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ RPG finally updates after a months wait
+ My internet is working smoothly again
+ No school for the rest of this month
+ TRPC get it's 1st guest comic

- My LITTLE brother has more pageviews than me on Myspace (pathetic)
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vgman at 4:37PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ Im finaly on the computer
+ I went out to eat for lunch
- My aunt is here
- My mom is bugging me
- The game im playing wont stop freazing after a beat this boss
- I still have the taste of theas nasty pizza roles I had yesterday
- My mom gave my cat a flee bath and now it cant stop pukeing and my mom says it will be fine by tomorow
- I have nothing to do

So far today sucks.
RIP TD :cry2:
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carly_mizzou at 5:16PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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oh boy!

+ Moving to a new apartment
+ Listening to Coldplay
+ Hot Man-ness abundant
+ My kitty kitty Sidney Vicious
+ Leave for Chicago Next Week
+ HAVE paying comic work

- Actually moving furniture to new apartment
- Mr. Riot's CBC comic (-_-)<(ima sad)
- I have a headache
- I'm STILL riding the bus to work
- I read notlikelytocare's list and now i'm sad too…
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usedbooks at 5:23PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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Have to mix up the + and - for logical flow…

+ The auto update thing is working.
- My dad's cat (19 years old) is very sick and not eating
+ She went to the vet, and it is likely just a bad tooth. She perked up after subcutaneous fluids
+ One of my pet rats is pregnant. :D
- My rat website seems to be down. (Actually, the whole server is… I'm worried.)
- Still unemployed
+ I sent Peipei a cool fanart I made, and she liked it.
- I have a backache because I'm overweight.
- I'm overweight.
+ I'm 3 pounds less overweight than I was last week.
- Arthritis made me stop drawing.
+ I finished drawing page 547 of Used Books before the arthritis acted up.
+ I also have the next 8 or 9 chapters roughly outlined (to resolve one hell of a story arc)

So I'm 7 +'s and 6 -'s. Sounds like I win today.
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Ocka at 5:50PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I'm alive yeah!
+ I have a very funny family
+ I finally saw little miss sunshine
+ Finally decided that as a gift for a friend, I will draw them a picture and maybe coffee mug >.>
+Cleaned my bathroom! (finally)

-I'm asking myself which color of prismacolor markers I should buy.. skin tones and hair… or skin and clothes >.>

- I realized I'm way behind on my comics

- I was too late to rent hot fuzz :cry:

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kitsunesan at 5:55PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+I Listened Shura 9 times XD
+I was able to cook again
+My cat still hates me, but thats fine

-My comics started to lack of fanbase O.o…XD
-My computer crashed…2 times in one day
-I played Play Station instead of drawing
-I have to present a carpet tomorrow…but guess what I havnt started it yet
-I am hungry XD
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FanGurlZ at 7:35PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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+ I' m still on my summer vacation
+ I finished another strip for my webcomic
+ I went to sleep

- I haven't made any friends on DD yet.
- I can't get in contact with my friend, Ashley.
- I still don't have enough money to buy “Boogie” for the Wii.
Homophobia: The irrational fear that gays will break in and re-arrange your furniture against your will.
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DragonessAthena at 8:30PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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Not very good at all…

-Too hot and humid inside and outside
-No air conditioning
-Woke up way too early thanks to the 75 pound dog running around outside my bedroom door
-I think my comic has no readers anymore
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suzi at 10:06PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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- tired
- dumped on monday, still crying
- miss boyfriend
- scared of going to college (money and friends and stuff)
- ate too much candy
- mechwarrior LAN battle plans not working out quite as hoped (damn mac user in the group…)
- haven't had time to do anything
- really want to draw, no time or energy
- gone for 12 hours a day, feel like i have no summer left
- $8 on transportation every day
- hate how long my job is every day

+ said job pays $11 an hour
+ going to college with best friend/once and future boyfriend?
+ still 20 days left before i move
+ still laughing at “anonymous on FOX” news report
+ my blanket is soft
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mechanical_lullaby at 10:01AM, Aug. 2, 2007
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+i have a good job/hours
+i get sleep ^-^
+my comic's doing well at the webcomicbattle
+i'm going up to Pennsylvania tomorrow for some good times
+there are blueberries in the fridge
-i haven't seen my friends for weeks. so long that it feels awkward to call them since i'll be seeing them tomorrow anyway
-my room is a mess and it's making me sick
-my house is also making me sick
-i'm running out of money
*hugs suzi* i know how you feel. i got dumped a couple months ago. it'll get better, sweetie.

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Runosonta at 10:14AM, Aug. 2, 2007
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——- DD's messing with my head… “This user does not exist”, was like that all day ><;
+ had a pretty good time at band practice today
+ eating nuts

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Mr Chappers at 10:40AM, Aug. 2, 2007
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+its sunny outside
-I'm ill
-Me and My girlfriend have started to argue
-I got my driving theory test soon, and im not ready, due to being ill
-I think i may have food poisoning
-DD was not up for most of today.
-My X box has broken.

At least it is sunny outside.

Read the Author, its good i promise.
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FoxmanZEO at 6:07PM, Aug. 2, 2007
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-I have no job.
-I'm sore from the flu.
-Ocka hasn't seen ‘Hot Fuzz’.

+I have no job.
+I'm only sore from the flu.
+Ocka hasn't seen ‘Hot Fuzz’, and I have.
'Who must do the hard things?

He who can.'

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Adariel at 8:11PM, Aug. 2, 2007
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+ I have lax time periods within work hours, the first in like ages.

- I cant find that freaking PSP game i want.

- Got woken up at 4 am by some noisy drunk person outside the house.

- Didnt have anything to throw at him which was at arms length from where i was sleeping.

- My uncle died last week.

- My mom just got out of the hospital.

+ She's fine.

- Its not raining. Damn its hot.

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Ocka at 1:22AM, Aug. 3, 2007
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-I have no job.
-I'm sore from the flu.
-Ocka hasn't seen ‘Hot Fuzz’.

+I have no job.
+I'm only sore from the flu.
+Ocka hasn't seen ‘Hot Fuzz’, and I have.

*So jealous*

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notlikelytocare at 3:17AM, Aug. 3, 2007
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oh boy!

+ Moving to a new apartment
+ Listening to Coldplay
+ Hot Man-ness abundant
+ My kitty kitty Sidney Vicious
+ Leave for Chicago Next Week
+ HAVE paying comic work

- Actually moving furniture to new apartment
- Mr. Riot's CBC comic (-_-)<(ima sad)
- I have a headache
- I'm STILL riding the bus to work
- I read notlikelytocare's list and now i'm sad too…

Thanks for your concern sweetheart, but obviously you dont know me too well….. lol, I never stay depressed longer than a couple days, and I always seem to be the center of the party. I mean hell, I'm fine as frog hair, can sing hella good, bat-shit crazy, and have no inhibitions!

as for today:

+ I re-bought the cd my friend put out a few years ago!
+ I'm singing
+ ITS CLOUDY!!!!!! (this means MAX 110 weather today ^-^
+ I talked to someone FREAKIN AWESOME all last night….. TYTY if your reading this…
+ CARLY ADDED ME!!!!!! LMAO shes my first ex wife i tell ya…. ;P
+ My old band wants to get back together!!! ME FTW!
+ My comic actually is getting positive feedback, even though it looks like ass!!!
- I want pizza and beer…….
- I forgot what a woman smells like…. Seriously sucks
- Still lonely
My avatar is tiny because I'm compensating.
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