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How are you today?
ReincarnatedParano at 1:31PM, Aug. 3, 2007
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Let's see…

+ How nice of you to ask!
+ Glad to be home from work.
- Have work tomorrow at 6:45 AM. D:
+ Only have two shifts next week.
+ Comic updates are going smoothly.
- My feet are killing me from working earlier. And I desperately need a shower.
+/- I don't know where my appetite's gone.

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Runosonta at 2:06PM, Aug. 3, 2007
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+ new page view breakdown!
+ it's Friday night and I'm home for once
++++ gonna see (among others) Nine Inch Nails, The Gathering and Dir en grey next Sunday :DD

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deletedbyrequest03 at 9:49PM, Aug. 3, 2007
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+ I hung out with one of my best friends at the mall today
+ I didn't buy anything. Meaning I have money.
+ I'm gunna hang out with her tomorrow
+ I'm almost done with my comic update!
- My room needs to be cleansed
- I'm always pissed off
+ I'm learning more and more songs on the guitar
- My guitar-playing is not improving
+ But my piano-playing is
+ I had a cello lesson today
- I hate conservative kids that only play their instruments in orchestra because their mommy and daddy want them to (tch, all-state's only good for my college)
——- Man… I DON'T wanna go to school… (assholes ruining my day…)
+ Yay for Runosonta for going to see Dir en grey… lucky…

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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Terminal at 9:55PM, Aug. 3, 2007
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+ I mixed Clorox and Raid only to get interesting results.
- In retrospect, not the best idea ever.
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Memmy at 12:02AM, Aug. 4, 2007
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+Pop! Sugars! Yay for cravings!
+Treated myself with a sweet bowl of Tomato Basil Ravolini, cream cheese brownie and a cup of hot chocolate from my favorite coffeehouse yesterday! I still feel the warm fuzzy effect. :)
+My wonderful husband. He always seem to be able to cheer me up.
+Hot bubble bath in few hours.
+The cat has been behaving today. Good kitty.

-Sick today.
-Nothing looks good to me.
-Lost all of my drawing pencils. I blame the cat.
-Unable to draw or work on my comic.
-The cat has been demanding attentions.
-Too many chores to do. (dishes, laundries, cleaning, groceries, washing the cat, cat litters… Hell, even we need showers)
-Husband is being lazy with chores.
-Busy for 12 hours five days straight, I feel like dying.
-Working hard and still not enough money.

= Memmy has ceased to exist.
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qdawg at 12:32AM, Aug. 4, 2007
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Pretty normal day.

+I woke up this morning
+Had delicious Chinese food for dinner
-My back hurts
-School is closing in on me
+-I have to poop
Rockin it fatboy style.
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Mr Chappers at 8:36AM, Aug. 4, 2007
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Mostly good today :)

+ Me and Girlfriend are getting close to two months together.
+ My birthday is in 3 days (Going to be 18).
+ I passed my Driving Theory today.
+ I got to spend some quality time with my girlfriend last night.
+ It is really hot today.
+ Im watching ‘The Mummy Returns’
+/- The news just came on
- I can't see my girlfriend tonight
- I got to go back to work soon
- Foot and mouth has just come back in the UK….So that means not much lamb and beef left to eat.

Read the Author, its good i promise.
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notlikelytocare at 3:10PM, Aug. 5, 2007
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That pretty much sums it up…
My avatar is tiny because I'm compensating.
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mapaghimagsik at 4:03PM, Aug. 5, 2007
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Aww, that's a sad picture!
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Runosonta at 10:46PM, Aug. 5, 2007
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++++++++ Nine Inch Nails was friggin' incredible!
+++ Dir en grey was pretty good, too
+ and Amporphis
- Millencolin played only two old songs, the new ones are shite -_-;
- in the middle of NIN's Hurt some idiot (OK, the organisators) started a fireworks show
+ but apparently I got 770 viewers the day before :DD
-/+ got lots to do today; going to work, then I gotta handle some stuff related to my taxes, I have a deadline for a new Sue -comic (haven't even started it yet), gotta make ads for my new gig…. Gah!

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SteveMyers22 at 1:00AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ I did the pencils for this week's comic strip. Mostly.
+ I got to sleep late

- I got totally ignored at Subway while trying to buy dinner.
- The woman in front of me at Subway bought like one of everything, took 30 minutes, clogged the line and by the time she was done, there was only wheat bread left and they were out of turkey and chicken breast. WTF!
- Then when I started to place my order, she interrupted me, and her kid interrupted me.
- Then the guy behind the counter, trying to catch up decided to lump me in with the other four people waiting. So basically he spent more time wtih the woman in front of me and the two people behind me. ALL I WANTED WAS TWO SUBS! I'd have been done in 5 minutes, if he'd have paid attention!
- I got double charged for one soda.
- Traffic on the drive home sucked. This woman in an old camaro was half in, half out of a lane and ignored a stop sign and almost ran right into me.
- It rained.
- My neighbor's pit bull is loose, which is dangerous and the dog's attacked my dog in the past. I hear it barking outside right now, and it's 4 a.m.

Today? Not so good it seems.
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leopardprintstars at 1:38AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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lets see

+ I brought a mini
+ I have a good job that i love
+ its nearly my birthday
+the weather in england is looking up

- i have to do a 6 hour sitting on the most bitchest woman i have ever met
- i have hayfever =(
- i couldnt sleep last night
- my brother has stolen my internet connection for his x box live. so now i had to have a new line installed., ( why did i say he could live with me?)
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mechanical_lullaby at 4:57AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+i found my hookery boots I've been looking for
+tied ribbons onto my hookery boots
+got sleep last night
+got sleep in a bed last night
+had a very interesting dream about saving homer simpson from bob barker and his sm buddies.

-night terrors
-haven't seen ‘him’ for a little under a week. missing him.
-he's sick toooo. :(

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Runosonta at 7:55AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ the control page claims I have about 10 new comments
- but they aren't there

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junoblairb at 8:03AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ Fine thanks. You? ^_-
+ Crap… This is as optimisitic about my day as I can get right now.
+ Oh! I got some new clothes. I'm gonna wear those today.

- I have a week of filler… I hate those. Everyone leaves and no one trusts I'm gonna really come back in a week. :/
- It's gonna be over a 100 here in Tennessee. I thought this is why I moved away from Texas… :/ It's gonna be low 90s there. Not fair.
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fern at 11:07AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ I got an A+ on my 2nd speech in Speech 101.
+ I think I got a B- on my Midterm in Speech 101.
+ My jacket smells like cheap-ass cologne.

- My jacket smells like cheap-ass cologne.
- I have to do another speech tomorrow in Speech 101.
- Birds shat on my car.
- I have to go back to school right now. :/
- I still have a cough.
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D0m at 11:51AM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ I got a little under 2 hours left at work.
+ Nadya's still clinging to the top 100 and got a lot of pageviews so far.
+ I got some work done today.
+ I'm gonna draw later.
+ It's a Monday!

- I need a haircut.
- I generally feel kinda -bleh-.
- Church tomorrow.
- I'm almost done with my busy work for the day.
- The guy that works with me makes me look like a slacker.

Nadya- a tale about what happens to SOME of us when we die.

Currently: Nadya is awake and asking more relevant questions.
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keithmccleary at 12:16PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+KTQ jumped 100 places in Comic Book/Story.
-It's still only in the 500's.
+learning html to spruce up my page.
-hoping it's worth it.
Now updating without interruption, starting 2/16.

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shaneronzio at 5:07PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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Updates Monday, Wenzday & FRIDAY
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EmilyTheStrange at 6:44PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ Started work at the Historic Camp, the kids like me a lot, and I know more about the site than the guy running it this year so I get to teach most of it. : D
+ Person running the camp this year is really really nice, unlike the butch, mean as h-e-double hockey sticks gym teacher who made the kids run laps last year
+ Buddy on dA got a DD on a pictiure I helped him with, which makes me feel some pride in it too. XD;
+ Parents 24th Aniversery was today. 24 years is pretty long compared to some modern marriages. ^^
+ Anarchy randomly got 4 more fans in the last hour

- I felt really sick with chest pains in the resturant tonight and we had to leave early. I feel like I ruined my parents aniversery even though they claim I didn't. >>'
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SteveMyers22 at 11:49PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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+ About to do some nice mindless inking
+ Had raviolis for dinner
+ Had a good day at work
+ Realized I like my job

- Woke up stressed
- Found my friend had inadvertantly taken my CD that I listen to driving to work when he forced me to listen to one of his own CDs over the weekend. He basically said “Dude, you gotta hear this” and put his CD in my stereo and plopped my CD in his CDs case. He then left his CD in my stereo and took my CD with him. Kinda bugged me cause it threw off my drive to work. I didn't have time to dig out another CD I was in the mood to listen to. And it just reminded me of how I didn't want to listen to his CD but he put it in anyway. And everytime he does this, it never amounts to anything because even if I do like the CD he brings, he gets so antsy that he never listens to whole songs and usually cuts the whole thing off in like 3 to 4 minutes. I know some of you out there have friends like this too. It's not just me! One minute he's all “Dude, you gotta hear this!” Then the next he's all “Ok, that's enough of that.” Like what the heck!

Sorry to rant. It's not like that totally bugged me. By the time I got to work, I was back in synch. It's just kind of hard to explain why that bugged me in the first place you know? Overall today was a good day. Much better than yesterday.
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D0m at 8:22AM, Aug. 7, 2007
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+ Lunch in about 30 minutes
+ Nadya hopped up in rank
+ I'll probably get to deposit my hard earned money into a bank account later.

- I found out that I e-mailed a person too much, and now I feel like a stupid stalker.
- It's a Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays because I go to church.
- I don't even know why I haven't quit going to church yet.
- Phone's still broken.

Nadya- a tale about what happens to SOME of us when we die.

Currently: Nadya is awake and asking more relevant questions.
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WingNut at 9:22AM, Aug. 7, 2007
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Huzzah! What a fine topic for a thread!

+Today is my day off.
+I'm going camping and hiking later tonight.
+My computer, after exploding (not even kidding) is back up and running.
+I've almost built up my archives to an acceptable level to start posting again.
+I've learned a lot from my summer classes and I'm anxious to see what people think of the new style.
+It's great to be back on DD. :D
+I got a bitchin' new ping-pong paddle yesterday, and I'm anxious to try it out.
+First thing I saw when I looked outside today, was a kitten. I then proceeded to pet said kitten. I named her Umlaut.
+I finally worked up the courage today to tell the cute girl who works at the used bookstore in town that I think she's gorgeous. I now have a date on Thursday. :D
+Whilst rummaging around in my room, I found my old colored pencils, so for my warm-up drawing today I did this-

-My hair is going absolutely nuts today. I blame sleeping right after going swimming.

And thats me!


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Vindu at 11:13AM, Aug. 7, 2007
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I have a bad day i just fell shitty.
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keithmccleary at 6:39PM, Aug. 7, 2007
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-really tired
+fixed avatar
+fed rhinoceros without losing hand
Now updating without interruption, starting 2/16.

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SteveMyers22 at 1:42AM, Aug. 8, 2007
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Today's a doozy:

- My birthday.
- Got into an argument with my mom.
- Ran out of work to do at work and had to go home early. Which I know a lot of people would see as a positive, but I need the hours and the money.
- Have a plumber coming at 8:30 a.m. So I get no sleep this morning. (I work second shift so I'm a nite owl).

+ Did the flats for my next comic page, so I might get done early this week.

Yeah, today sucked big-time. Worst day I've had since the day I took my dog to the vet.
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Lord Shplane at 2:59PM, Aug. 8, 2007
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+Subway is selling their subs really cheap for the next 2 weeks.
+I'm going to see a liger when I go on vacation next week.
+My genetically engineered super raptor program is going well.
-I don't have a girlfriend.
-Humanity has yet to be crushed beneath my iron fist of tyrrany.
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My Lady of Sorrow at 11:22PM, Aug. 8, 2007
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+ is in love
+ has new contacts and getting new glasses
+ finally broke 100 friends on myspace :p
+ bought a cd
+ is thinking about starting her comic up again
+ is glad to see WingNut is back :D

- spent too much on the contacts and glasses
- He lives too far freaking away
- has no ideas on what to do with her comic
- needs a new laptop.


–Lady S
I'm still trying to think of something funny to put here.
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marine at 11:46PM, Aug. 8, 2007
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+I watched John Carpenter movies marathon style today. I love John Carpenter movies. The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape From New York/LA, Ghosts of Mars, They Live, and I'm considering watching Mouth of Madness next.
+I made new comics today, I'd been in a dry spell for over a month and getting back on the saddle, I gotta say, It feels good.
+Todays page is a really great one. I laughed really hard at it. Its got three newish characters all showing up together. Todays got a great authors comment post as well.

-Had a bad anxiety attack today. Its was the worst thing in the world to be alive during that.
-I had to explain, yet again, that I've got some severe emotional issues to my girlfriend stuff that I don't ever want to talk about. Every time I have a panic like this, and I get that conversation, it flashes in my head all the girls that have said that exact thing to me. All of what I thought was love that I felt for them and the memories of how it all ended just rushes in. Like I said, I've got problems.
-Girlfriend moves away next week. Said I couldn't go with her. Even with her around, I'm broken. Bitter. Cold. Alone. I reach out to people on Drunk Duck but hardly anyone reaches back. Its difficult to do anything anymore. I feel such a constant despair and melancholy feeling. Even at my greatest success, I feel like a horrible failure.

+I still try to keep my head up and make my comics everyday. If nothing else, I can keep doing that to at least some satisfaction. Its tough. I keep slipping in my statistics page, and I fear that I won't win the drunk duck awards, but I'm still here. If I've gotta spend another six years in the trenches before someone wants to give me money for doing what I do and regulating it, I'll do it. So go read penis, whatever.
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Runosonta at 12:06AM, Aug. 9, 2007
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+ #97 in Comic Book #148 Overall in two weeks
Thanks to everyone who gave it a chance :D

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