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HOW can hollywood mess up the Spider-Man costume?!
lefarce at 9:18PM, Feb. 1, 2011
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You're a weird man, ozone.

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ozoneocean at 1:03AM, Feb. 2, 2011
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But I dress well and I'm always right. :)
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blindsk at 1:54AM, Feb. 2, 2011
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Product Placement
Speaking of Jameson, I've heard that he's not gonna be in this movie. I guess that means that this is before Peter starts working part time at the Bugle.

That's too bad. Actually, I completely forgot about that guy! I always had it in my mind as some separate side story separate from the main story. Sort of what Hawk was talking about - would definitely watch a spinoff of that.

My apologies, he's definitely up there with the other two aforementioned actors.
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