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How did you come to DD?
Myari at 6:08AM, March 20, 2008
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I went with DD because I liked the active community and the templates already being set up for you so you don't have to remember HTML, which makes it all very easy and friendly. I don't like all the ads, but that mad-looking duck is really cute.
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killersteak at 8:17AM, March 20, 2008
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Came across it in early 2005. Avoided it for as long as I could. It came back revamped in 2006, no other hosts were available/active/good for me then, so I joined.
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simonitro at 1:46PM, March 20, 2008
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Getting new on webcomics back late of 2004, I finished reading RPG World comic and I loved it. I wanted to get more into webcomics and stuff especially, I always had ideas for comics and started on Angelfire but it was too script-y for me. During googling, I discovered and it was loaded with webcomics and most of the comics would link me to Drunkduck.

Drunkduck? Drunkduck? What the heck is Drunkduck? Oh well, I clicked on the logo and here I am.

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
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6116 Taboo at 3:53PM, March 20, 2008
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Well, I was actually directed here by someone from another site. xD Spiffeh place.
Man I feel like a newb. D;
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Aussie_kid at 6:40PM, March 23, 2008
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6116 Taboo
Well, I was actually directed here by someone from another site. xD Spiffeh place.
Man I feel like a newb. D;

We were all newbies at once point or another. Just give it time and you'll be a local soon enough
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kyupol at 3:33PM, March 24, 2008
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it was linked to me from another site.
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Sabboth at 9:54PM, March 26, 2008
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I haven't been here for very long but, I came because of a recommendation on the site. I tried smack-jeeves but that place is a nasty ass website. This site has more “control” I would say. Plus the comics here are good and I think my comic would do good here.
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Doctor Shadow at 6:29AM, March 27, 2008
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I found PinkyTA, Hero by Night and Atland. When I wanted a place to store my own webcomic…DD looked cool enough.
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worstcase at 2:28PM, March 28, 2008
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my sister was doing it, so i would look at her comic.

It was mostly jealousy that motivated me. Wow, i am so inspiring.

After i joined, i couldnt figure out how to scan until 2 months later, then i apathetically uploaded a horrible first page….i guess we all start somewhere.
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NikiPaprika at 5:46AM, April 1, 2008
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I remember I first came to this site when my best friend started his own sprite comic, and I loved it. I only really went on the site to read it, and I was baffled at first, but then i began to like the friendlyness of the community, and I began to find more and more lovely comics to read.
It wasn't until October last year me and my best friend had finally decided to create a web comic of one of our well developed roleplays we did once, and thus we now have Opposites Attract.
I actually have stopped going on gaiaonline as much to come to this site now, because I just love seeing the comments I get, but most of all, seeing my favourite comics being updated.
I plan to stay, because I really like this site. Everyone is so friendly here and I hope that my comic goes well. :P
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ronin356 at 12:05PM, April 1, 2008
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I saw someone on Digital Webbing mention it by name and I decided to go here instead of Keenspace. Great place here, I wish i had more time to explore it.
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Raccoo at 12:33PM, April 1, 2008
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A friend on irc linked CTV where Foomy gets stuffed into a couch.
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Zac at 1:11PM, April 1, 2008
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I typed into my browser.
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carly_mizzou at 3:52PM, April 1, 2008
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Ha ha Zac you are too funny.

How I ended up here? I work for this company, Platinum Studios, and they aquired this site, Drunk Duck, and they were like “Carly you make comics, how about you upload them and tell us how the site is” I said “ok” but thought “web comics are stupid, why would anyone upload comics to the web? no one will read them. the only way is spending 1,000s of dollars to get books printed and then turning around and spending 100s of dollars on hotel rooms and table costs and then driving cross country hauling a billion pounds of books”

yeah I'm a convert, I do web comics exclusivly now. I was a dummy… I think Drunk Duck has THE best community evar!!1!
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Aussie_kid at 5:48AM, April 2, 2008
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I typed into my browser.

Can't you bookmark? I would definitely have DD bookmarked first if I had to replace my computer
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Insizwa at 1:30PM, April 3, 2008
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I was reading through this digital art/webcomic tutorial book and at the back they had a bunch of different websites you could visit for things like fonts, tutorials, and webcomic hosting. It was all alphabetical and Drunk Duck just happened to be the first one on the list so I checked it out.
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Red Slayer at 10:29PM, April 3, 2008
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I typed something on Google and next thing i know i'm reading stuff on a white and yellow site.
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spacehamster at 4:32PM, April 4, 2008
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Someone mentioned it on DeviantART. I'd been working on Bulletproof for a good while - issue 1 was done and all up on Comicspace. So I uploaded it in its entirety here and was overwhelmed by the amount of views I got - people actually READ IT and TALKED ABOUT IT. It was really the interactivity that sucked me in. A few weeks later, I decided to publish through here with updates twice a week, and I've never looked back. Truth be told, I barely do anything on dA anymore these days.
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AQua_ng at 8:49AM, April 5, 2008
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By boat.

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dueeast at 2:43PM, April 5, 2008
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I was another soul languishing in obscurity at Comic Genesis (formerly Keenspace) and heard about Drunk Duck somehow (maybe it was linked on another comic). Once I got here and started meeting and becoming part of the community, somehow CG just became less and less important to me. I don't even update there anymore…

I really enjoy DD!
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ttyler at 4:22PM, April 5, 2008
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I read about it in a webcomics how to book.


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jagular at 6:29AM, April 12, 2008
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i wanted to learn how to make a web comic and found a website on how to make one. the guy linked to his comic on drunkduck.
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Lemniskate at 8:24AM, April 12, 2008
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Was reading stuff here and there. Somehow I found HBN and Johnny Saturn and a few others, so it was always some DD comics bookmarked, and since I wanted to upload my comics too, I killed two birds with one stone (no ducks) and joined.
 VaƄmyz umoj.
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mundy at 8:37AM, April 13, 2008
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I'd been thinking of making a webcomic ages ago searching through the “providers” and somehow stumbled onto drunkduck, signed up but forgot all about it because of uni and art projects, I kept meaning to start a webcomic but kept putting it off, I went to a comic show in October met my idol and then was like damn it I'm gonna start drawing, then left it again for a while, come around January and I decided to finally make a resolution I was determined not to break and for my birthday started a webcomic.
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Kyrie at 10:59AM, April 13, 2008
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I just found out about this site today. I was on smackjeeves and I was directed here.
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lothar at 6:24AM, April 14, 2008
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i was spammed , i uploaded a few pages of my old comic and then DD crashed in a spectacular apocaliptic way ! then they came back and i answered this same question in the old forums , then they crashed again (less spectacular) then i joined again , Good times !!
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darrell at 7:42AM, April 14, 2008
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A friend of mine that works at the comic shop I go to had a comic up on here. So I started out just coming in to see his work. When I mentioned that I had considered making a comic he encouraged me to post it here. He left a little while before the big crash (but he's talking about coming back) and I stuck around.
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SpANG at 8:56AM, April 14, 2008
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I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow.

Poof! Drunk Duck appeared on my browser.
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ccs1989 at 3:29PM, April 14, 2008
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I joined back at the end of middle school, so that was four years ago. I skipped the last few days of school since nothing was happening and decided to finally post some of my comics online. I found out about DD by browsing for webcomic hosts on the Megatokyo forums. Since then I started one comic, restarted it, published some comic books, became a moderator, became a not-moderator, and watched DD die for some months during the summer due to various technical problems, and got sent some free stuff (thanks guys!).
But yeah, this is a cool site and I'm glad it now has Platinum Studios backing it.

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violet_dreamer at 9:02AM, April 16, 2008
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I was introduced to Drunkduck through one of my friends who had knownw about this site for the longest. At first I didn't really come that much onto here, then I started reading his comics and I thought they were really deep so I wanted to see all of the other comics and what they were about. Yeah, and I was a bit under the radar, just leaving comments and stuff but now I wanted to participate in these forums. Yay.

That is all. :)
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