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How did you come to DD?
Walrus at 4:27PM, April 22, 2008
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I came here in February but didn't activate my account on here until November, it took me that long to figure out how to activate it.
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SuperBiasedMan at 11:09AM, April 26, 2008
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I started on Smackjeeves.
But one day I was bored so I checked to see what this place would be like.
And, I like it.

To make that more interesting add in some dragons, surfing and comedic sitautions.
cosBIf you've done trigonometry, like me, you smile at this.
Then realise what you've done and die a little inside.
No need to thank me for that. :D
Now read this:
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bobby_the_kid at 8:21PM, May 5, 2008
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I googled ‘making webcomics’ found a tutorial, it linked me here, and I just started to read.
WEEEEEEE!flesh eating hamsters and happy hour girlie drinks make good bobby!
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Eirikr at 10:57AM, May 6, 2008
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“I wanna make a webcomic, where can I host it for free?”

Then google, then here. I got here around early February ‘06, uploaded the first NR strip, and found out that people actually read it(a few). I’ve been here ever since.
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Mid Boss at 3:37PM, May 7, 2008
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I had a friend that wouldent shut up about this website. He eventually got me into it, and after a couple of months, I am now Proudly a member of the DD community. I regret nothing. :P
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