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How do I ad a background image?
Brogan at 10:14PM, Oct. 8, 2008
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Alright, I've been playing around with my website, but I'm having a hell of a time adding a background image. Basically I just want to add an image tiled across the background (preferably a fixed one). But it seems like my code isn't working or I'm just doing it wrong. Any ideas? Thanks…
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Biz3 at 6:32AM, Oct. 15, 2008
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Normally, you code background images to website elements right into the specific field's style, or into a Cascading Style Sheet.

A style sheet element with a background on the body would look like this;
body {
url('[URL HERE][b]'[/b]);

Then there's various extra stuff that can be defined, as well, such as the repeat direction (Repeat-x, repeat-y or repeat-none).
body {
url('[URL HERE][b]'[/b]);
background-repeat: repeat-x (or repeat-y or even repeat-none).
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