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How do I add a banner?
Jessieschultz at 10:05AM, Jan. 6, 2010
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I'm sorry to post such stupid questions, but I'm terrible with computer stuff. I made a banner, correctly sized and such and I thought I had uploaded it, but it doesn't appear on my page. Also, Is there a way that I can post (so that appears on every page) a description of my comic. Thanks!!
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ozoneocean at 10:14AM, Jan. 6, 2010
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You have to put this im your custom template:

There are template tutorials here: and here:
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I Am The 1337 Master at 3:43PM, Jan. 9, 2010
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THey could just be talking about the browse button bug.
Read a few posts in the title and thumbnail thread to get that solved.
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