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How do I change the name of my comic?
Coyotejeff at 10:22AM, Jan. 28, 2009
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Howdy. When I started my comic I called it A.D.D. Theater. It was my first attempt at a webcomic it was very experimental. As time has gone on my strip has evolved and become “Roadkill Valley”. Can I change the name of my strip without starting a new strip?
Welcome to Roadkill Valley
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skoolmunkee at 1:13PM, Jan. 28, 2009
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Sadly, no. I'm afraid you're stuck with it. You'd have to create a totally new account and then you'd have to reload all your pages and you'd lose all your comments.

however, if you want to move away from the experimental stuff now that you have a solid identity for your comic, it can be a good idea.
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