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how do i create a link to a URL in my author's notes?
wikivic at 3:08AM, Oct. 19, 2006
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i would like to be able to make friendly links to URLs in my author's notes, instead of just copying and pasting the address - i can make the address into a link now, which is great, but they're a bit long…is there a way to just write ‘my comic website’ or somesuch, and make that into a link to the site?

here's an example of my problem

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skoolmunkee at 4:42AM, Oct. 19, 2006
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You should be able to use this bit of bb code… but the forums won't let me type it exactly (it will translate it and turn it into a link) so what you'll have to do is copy what I've done, and then replace the { with ok? :)

{url=}something short{/url}

here's a working example (except the website isn't real):

something short
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