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How do I post a Link / Button to my E-mail address?
Yves Ker Ambrun at 1:31AM, Dec. 20, 2010
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joined: 11-24-2010
Hello, I'm new here at DrunkDuck, but I've already posted 13 big pages of my last comic Mechaniko. It works out beautifully.
But I haven't found out how I could leave a link, a button, or something connecting people who'd like to contact me, to my private E-mail address. Of course, I don't want to simply write it under each new installment of my story.
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ozoneocean at 4:53AM, Dec. 20, 2010
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Well there's the PQ private message system, you have a PQ link auto inserted under your avatar when you post so anyone who has an account here can contact you. :)

But to put an e-mail link on your comic template you need to make your own custom template since the standard ones can't be altered unfortunately.
But there is a great selection of custom templates that people have made for others to use (along with instructions) in the coding and template there here:
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Yves Ker Ambrun at 9:55AM, Dec. 21, 2010
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joined: 11-24-2010
Thanks a lot Ozoneocean. Unfortunately I don't dare changing that much my comic pages on DrunkDuck. I wouldn't know how to do it either, even with a nice template, I'm afraid. Well, I guess I'll just post here and there in my own comments on my comic, the URL of my business Web site, where I'm more easily reachable.
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