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how do i transfer the comic pages i create in cs2 to a cd/dvd with the ability to be viewed in order.
legendkiller13 at 3:37PM, Sept. 22, 2007
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i have some friends and family who still live in south louisiana and internet access is random, so i would like to send the pages i have made on a cd or dvd. however, i dont know how to send the from photoshop to a cd or dvd so they can be viewed in order, actually i dont know how to even send images to a cd/dvd at all. i would gfreatly appreciate as much in depth advice on this as possible, also, i dont have the best pc skills, so be gentle. thank you!
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Kohdok at 11:14AM, Sept. 23, 2007
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When you put in a writable cd, the cd writing wizard should show up. (If not, go into My Computer and find it there). Say that you will make a data disc. Then, just reach into the file where you store your images and copy and paste them into the cd folder. When you are done, click “burn disc” and voila!

Just have the pages numbered in the correct order (In the same format), then make a data disc. It's pretty easy and they stay in order.

If you wanna go crazy, make a powerpoint.
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