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How do I unfriend people?
dalek955 at 2:57PM, June 2, 2011
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Somebody friended me and I object to “friends” I've never even heard of. There's a way to make him “TOP friend”, but no apparent way to make him “not a friend at all”. How do I get rid of him?
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skoolmunkee at 1:25AM, June 4, 2011
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If it's just someone adding you as a friend, there's no way to block that, no. You show up on their profile, but they don't show up on yours. They only show up on your profile if you friend them back. You haven't friended them back so they're not showing up on your profile, which is the only page you've got control over.

There's no real benefit to the “friend” system, it's more or less just a way to be a bit social or for people to declare who they like. Don't worry, they can't access anything and don't get any special privileges involving you. I think some people go around friending EVERYBODY, I think trying to get people to look at their profile/comics to see who they are. Which I consider kinda dumb. :] But ignorable.
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