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How do I use the DD controls for my webpage?
matts at 11:44AM, Jan. 23, 2008
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Sorry! but i've searched the control panela round 1000 times and I cna't find the way to recommend comics on my webcomic! Does anyone know how to make that?
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Merrywhite Jenkins at 12:04PM, Jan. 23, 2008
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This took me all of 10 seconds. o-o
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Anyway, there it is.
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Pulse at 6:37PM, Jan. 28, 2008
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this thread belongs in the how do I? category!

gonna get locked

anyways You're new so I'll give you a break.
First click that avatar of yourself in the corner
once you get to your profile page now scroll down the page about halfway and you should see something saying EDIT YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS click that and recommend any comic you like. :)
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SpANG at 7:15PM, Jan. 28, 2008
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Just an FYI, you need to save FAVORITES first, in case ya didn't know. ;)
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