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How do PUMP UP?
kyupol at 6:58PM, Nov. 2, 2006
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Sometimes I'm pumped up in doing comics and sometimes I'm not. How do pump up? Sometimes, even the most hardcore heavy music in the world is not enough to get me started. :(
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Rich at 7:04PM, Nov. 2, 2006
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This ought to get you pumped up!

But seriously though, I'd like to know too. I also have trouble getting myself pumped and ready to go half the time as well.
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Dynamic at 12:09AM, Nov. 3, 2006
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I reccomend going to an old abandoned house and scouring it for a can of the old “classic coke” you know… the good stuff.

or you could just you know… find a dealer.

short of that, discipline and caffienne and lots of music and tv and distractions as well… or maybe that's just me…
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kyupol at 4:31AM, Nov. 3, 2006
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screw drugs. That shits gonna make me broke.
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Knuckles at 5:38AM, Nov. 3, 2006
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It's hard to get motivated sometimes. Artists/writer's block is always evil. I try to do things that are related to my comic to get some ideas and inspiration. In my case, I draw a lot of fantasy-based manga, so I play RPGs and watch anime and read manga. Also, I like to collect and read comics that other people have done and got printed (ie: Nemution Jewel, The Tokyopop RSOM series, etc). It really gives me inspiration to set a goal.

And music is always a great motivator :)

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Rimbaum at 6:33PM, Nov. 3, 2006
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Ugh. There's times when getting motivated to do your own hobby can be like getting motivated to get up and go to work or school in the morning. There's times you just don't want to do it.

I personally take a break. But then again, I'm also a huge procrastinator, so… XP When I'm in the mood to write, I'll try to find some way to write. When I'm in the mood to draw, I'll open up Photoshop (or Paint, if I just want to doodle around). I can't force myself to do anything, or else it'll just come out being craptacular.

Some of my best writing stuff came out when I felt the sudden URGE to write and didn't know what to write about. When I try to force something out, you can really tell because the quality goes down the drain.

I also agree with Knuckles: music almost ALWAYS helps.
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Mark at 5:53AM, Nov. 4, 2006
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I definately agree with rimbaum. To get myself in the mood to draw I usually have a coffee. It helps a lot. So does loud music.
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subcultured at 7:15AM, Nov. 5, 2006
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i read comics or look at paintings
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