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How do you do your sound effects?
josif at 11:55AM, Jan. 30, 2007
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Yeh I need some help on this to…
Your Reading Skills Have Increased By Two Points.
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silentkitty at 1:36PM, Jan. 30, 2007
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I don't even attempt sound effects in Photoshop usually, it's too much of a headache to work with text in that program. Usually I open up my pages in Illustrator and work with it there. It's so much easier when you can drag and drop and resize and squish things around without them losing any quality due to them being vector. I usually just pick a base font that I think works well for what I want, pop it open, and just go to town with whatever kind of special effects fit the sound I'm trying to make.
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Red Slayer at 8:12PM, Jan. 30, 2007
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I beat the crap out of the panels until i get what i want.
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Darth Mongoose at 6:55AM, Jan. 31, 2007
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My version of photoshop gives me everything I need. If I draw a text box rather than just clicking to get a cursor, I can rotate that, and I can also edit the shape of the text as needed with the shape function. After than, I just pick fonts, sizes and us any effects, such as the stroke tool that I need.
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skoolmunkee at 12:21PM, Jan. 31, 2007
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My verison of photoshop doesn't allow me to twist editable text. Is there a way to do that?

Not if you want to keep it editable, I don't think. Photoshop does have some text distortion options if you keep it editable, but they aren't very good. You have to rasterize the layer and use the Edit->transform tools if you want anything really good… in my experience. Newer versions of PS might be better though. And then there's always Illustrator.
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Mark at 3:36AM, Feb. 1, 2007
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just write out your soundeffects by hand then
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rengori at 2:48AM, Feb. 4, 2007
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I change the font to Seargent Sixpack, type the sound effect, add some bevel to it and use the Text Warp thingy. In Photoshop of course.
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lothar at 4:22AM, Feb. 12, 2007
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yea i almost always do the soun stuff with a pen in the real world !
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Roguehill at 6:31AM, Feb. 15, 2007
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I've found that actually doing the text in Macromedia Flash is a pretty nice way of putting down sound effects. After text is created, it can be broken apart to a pixel size so it can be erased through or manipulated.

I love Flash.)

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carly_mizzou at 9:57PM, Feb. 16, 2007
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Oh boy! I letter mine by hand with a brush usually (easier/more fun) BUT if you go through my comics, you'll run across some mispelled sound FX. yeah, biggest suggestion ever is get an outside editor, even if it's just a friend ‘cause they’ll catch stuff like that!
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Friedenmann at 9:34AM, Feb. 18, 2007
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I hate sound effects, because I never know what to write…
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