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How do you erase a account and customize a comic
Ruan Blaze at 6:09PM, Dec. 5, 2007
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with the the question i have to extra account so i need to know how to take them off and with the second i have been seeing with people comics that there next first last and previous bottom have been change how do you do that?
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CharleyHorse at 6:23AM, Dec. 6, 2007
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Okay, as I understand it, you cannot completely eliminate an account. Once you have created one it remains active under that name. But what you CAN do is to eliminate the comic or strips posted under that name and remove the avatar as well. You also have to remove all of the favorites and the comments and such stuff; but DrunkDuck does let you do these things.

Okay, to eliminate your comic or strip, click on the MY Controls tab and look at the bottom of the page. Under the Comics You Own section are the three stacked buttons labeled EDIT, VIEW, and X. Left click on the X button. This will allow you to completely eliminate your comic or strip.

It's actually more difficult to eliminate your avatar. I found that I had to create a blank avatar of the correct dimensions and then upload the blank to replace the normal avatar image. Weird, but there you have it.

Oh yeah, to get rid of your favorites is easy, you just left click on each red X to the right of each favorite. This will also get rid of your friends and recommends, I think; but if not then you just click on their edit features and eliminate each one by one.

Don't forget to open the Edit About Yourself section and wipe out your personal information, if any. You see how this is done? You essentially deconstruct your information along the same lines that your originally entered the information.

When you are done, you have the same blank DrunkDuck page that you originally started with. Only your online name remains. Now anything you entered in the forums is going to remain in place but do so under your blank avatar.


Okay as for the Next, first, last pages display of your comic or strip, you go to your upload page and take a look at the buttons layout. To the immediate left of the edit button is an up and down arrow. If you want to bump a page down by one or more, just left click on the down arrow until it is where you want it. Use the up arrow to make a page go up in the order.
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Teel the hedgehog at 4:41PM, Oct. 29, 2008
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im with the poster above.
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