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How do you get the vote/donate buttons on without messing up the Comic Title Image?
BPurg at 10:39AM, Dec. 27, 2007
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We are trying to get the webcomic voting buttons and posibly a donation button on our comic (see link in signature). No clue what we are doing and it's frustrating and skewing our comic pages. Help!
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ozoneocean at 1:41PM, Dec. 27, 2007
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Hi BPurg. Your main trouble with those images that don't work is that you're linking to them from your own hard drive.

Try uploading them to the files section of your Drunk Duck comic account and linking to them from there. -Clicking on them in the files section once they're uploaded will give you the address to use in the address bar of your browser. Just copy that and paste it into the image source address.
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spearcarrier at 7:28PM, Dec. 27, 2007
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:waves hands with sweat drops: hee hee.. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Pay no attention. Hee hee.

Actually, we weren't trying to link - the problem here is that neither of us know HTML or CSS or JAVA or that monkey in the corner. LOL… so we were lost. But after an entire day of driving myself mad, the website is… uh… revamped? And… Uh… stuff?

Now comes the further idiocy…. I dunno how to put a link banner, but it's the comic Akashik at if anyone wants to give us a crit.

Thanks, all of you! :-)
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