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How do you rip pictures.
Zoom the Hedgehog at 3:54PM, Oct. 2, 2008
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How do you rip things from pictures? Like remove the white background completely from this picture of a pokeball. Every time I try in to do something like this in little white pieces of the background still remain or pieces of the pokeball will be deleted.
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skoolmunkee at 2:50AM, Oct. 3, 2008
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The problem with most non-sprite (jpg) images is that they're anti-aliased. Instead of a solid edge, the edge is actually an area of pixels that all vary slightly in color, creating a ‘fade’ or ‘softer’ look to the border. It looks jagged because one color was changed (white) but all the slightly off-white pixels weren't included.

Essentially you need an advanced program that can do layers. I'm not sure if has those or not. Depending on which program you have, you should be able to look up tutorials about layer blending and transparency.

If this is for a sprite comic though, it's going to look really strange included with the pixel art. Your best bet (and faster than looking up tutorials and stuff) is to find a sprite pokeball, or trace this one in a pixel/sprite way. I'm not sure how easy that last one is to do in though.
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