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How in the heck do spammers get the money to advertise?
JillyFoo at 10:18AM, July 20, 2008
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Seeing these new crappy ads on DD lately I got to wondering how advertisers of worthless spam get the money to buy,

-expired domain names
-spam thousands of emails
-put up ads in premium locations
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Hawk at 4:20PM, July 20, 2008
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You're right, the advertising currently on Drunk Duck is a problem. It's actually been brought up before… See the locked subject halfway down the page. As mentioned there, the folks in charge are working on getter better control of what ads appear. Let's hope this gets fixed soon!

Anyway, we've had those “Shoot the duck, win an iPod” ads since the beginning, and I think those are as senseless as anything else.

I have to lock this like we locked the last one, but it feels like there's more to the topic than just DD's ad system. If you want to start a discussion on unethical internet practices, I think that would be great.
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