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How the hell do you get views on your comic! What am I doing wrong!!
countingstars at 1:57PM, Nov. 28, 2009
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I've recently started a new comic, which i am very found of. I put alot of effort into it and I think it had some of the best pages I've ever produced!
(if you look at it and laugh at me just bear in mind i'm 16 and new to making comics….)

Its called My Strange Loveand is the second comic i've done and the one which is very unpopular.

However the first one Music Club which I put alot less effort into and pretty much had no idea where the plot and characters were going, has done ALOT better. Its like 5 pages with 16 comments =___=
the art was even worse and all messy but its done so much better!

I don't understand T___T

i fail at life.

The only reason I can think of that Music club is more liked is because i did the first two pages in colour? I dunno!

grr sorry i'm just venting my anger. its just a very frustrating situation…any tips to help me out?

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Scribe_Drizz at 2:03PM, Nov. 28, 2009
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You don't fail at life. :3
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BlkKnight at 3:24PM, Nov. 28, 2009
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You can't gauge popularity by comments. Furthermore, you just started your comic. Popularity isn't going to come in 5 pages.
That's “Dr. BlkKnight” to all of you.
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stinger9 at 3:43PM, Nov. 28, 2009
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You have 5 pages and 1 of those was only uploaded today, of course you aren't going to have a lot of views. I've seen good comics with around 50 pages that only have a handful of comments. Just relax and keep working on your comic. Don't worry about not having many people reading it, make the comic because you enjoy it, not just in the hope that people will read it.
EDIT: Also, you may want to try reading through this topic:
You may find something useful.
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xerjester at 5:07PM, Nov. 28, 2009
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No, really - that's part of how you get it. Patience. The other part? A little bit of luck, and genuine love for what you do. That will bring people to the site, make them grateful for what you do, and more willing to tell others about your work.

But, like i said- patience. Readership isn't built in a day or even a few months, really. You'll get there. If you don't, don't let it concern you. Do this because you love to do it.
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skoolmunkee at 3:16AM, Nov. 29, 2009
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This question has been answered a million times in these forums, which is why we have a giant 9-page thread about it already. :] Nothing personal.
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