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JustNoPoint at 5:52PM, Aug. 4, 2009
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To be more clear, this is kinda what's expected.

After you have access to your category you should try to read as much of the 5 comics as you can. At least starting from around this time last year in the archive. (This depends on your category of course… best web site judges wouldn't have to read any comic pages at all for that category)

After you read/look at enough that you feel you can properly judge what you are judging you should proceed to tell what you like and dislike about each comic.

A pros and cons is a great set up.

After words you can explain which comic you feel is best. You will have 2 other judges as well, and all 3 of you will have to finally discuss the pros and cons to determine a winner.
It could go around and around for a bit. One of the areas I judged last year was pretty close. It was tough to decide. And we discussed for a bit till we finally caved because time was running out :P

In the end the decision should be somewhat agreed upon by all 3. If not then I guess me or Amanda can try to be a final voice.

Let me know if you have any questions. I kinda just wrote this on the fly so it probably has a lot of loose ends :P
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