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How To Make Comics: Comic Book Paper Size!
StupendoDog at 7:57AM, March 12, 2011
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I wrote an interesting article on the Stupendo-Dog blog about the differences between store-bought comic book paper.

Check it out! It's the kind of article I would have found very useful when I was starting to draw comics!
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ramlama at 2:54PM, March 17, 2011
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I've always felt like an ugly duckling when it comes to paper size. For a standard mainstream comic, your advice is fairly solid. I tried to stick to similar advice for awhile, but it didn't work well for me since my target is outside that branch of the industry:

I wish I'd gotten my notes together in time to submit a script or sound clip to the upcoming quack cast. My personal standard has always been to work on standard letter (like A4, but my understanding is that America likes to be weird about our measurements). It's far more versatile, far cheaper, significantly easier to carry around, and better adapted to being scanned.

For people outside the mainstream industry looking to print, standard letter folded in half is the cheapest and most available format- and doing the original work on standard letter still shrinks your final image to about 65% of original size if you're printing in that format (you just have to be careful to measure out the proportions so it shrinks right). I thnk Ka-Blam's manga sized printing gave about 58% size from original, but I'd want to double check that.

Most artists that I know seem to scoff that approach, but, heck. It's efficient. I finally felt a little bit of personal affirmation when I read Yoshihiro Tatsumi's autobiographical comic. If I remember correctly, he talked about using similar paper size. If it's good enough for one of the more prolific founders of modern manga…

Of course, I also used to use quad-ruled paper as a way to speed up layout and such. That part is embarrassing, but even though I do most of my work digitally now, I still do my layouts on letter paper with a quad-ruled tamplate underneath.
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