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sagebrush1870 at 1:23PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Hi. I've never used Drunk Duck before, but decided to start working on mirror sites for Crowfeathers (the main site is currently down due to a server error!!! >.< ). So… I'm bringing Crowfeathers to Drunk Duck, in little pieces, lol. I'm adding color, so at least it's a little different from the main comic (for now). There's only like 15 pages out of 500+ on here yet, though.

If anyone has any Drunk Duck usage tips, feel free to share. I haven't gotten deep into the html entrails yet.
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Renga Studio at 1:48PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Howdy yerself, pilgrim. You must be new around these parts. The username's Renga Studio, but you can call me the mayor. I'm not in charge of this dusty ol' forum; I just like to feel important (spits into conveniently located spittoon). Y'all make yerselves at home, watch out fer them ornery mind maggots, and don't you dare drink that there cola. Well, so long, partner, and happy trails.
Renga: How are you everyone !!
Renga: All your weather are control by me.
Renga: I has a weather machine.
DrunkDuck: What you say !!
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Warpedwenger at 2:42PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Youll be mayor til next election! Im running you out on a rail! Oh and hello….
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Orange at 3:37PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Hahah, nice to meet you!

Glad you decided to join us…
Now you can't leave…

Anyway, have fun :D
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Steely Gaze at 4:56PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Welcome! It's a pleasure to meet you, and I'm glad you're adding color to your comics here; we deserve only the best!

The site is pretty easy to use, but if you need any help just ask! Most of us are nice enough to try and help.

Unless the mind maggots get to us first.
A Roll of the Dice now with full-size pages!

John Clyde now with ten times the tacky Hawaiian shirts!
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Custard Trout at 5:31PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Brain. . . eaten. . . can't welcome. . . or complete. . . coherent sentences. . .


P.S. Hi.
Hey buddy, you should be a Russian Cosmonaut, and here's why.
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crazyninny at 7:08PM, Jan. 9, 2008
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Adariel at 3:09AM, Jan. 10, 2008
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Man all that worshipping is scraping my knees…. welcome to DD!
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amanda at 6:27AM, Jan. 10, 2008
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Well hello! Moving 500+ pages from one site to another must be quite an undertaking! But it will all be worth it as we, the denizens of Drunk Duck, are infinitely awesome. Have fun!
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 3:12PM, Jan. 10, 2008
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I tried going into those very entrails. I then left.
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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trevoramueller at 10:55AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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Welcome to the Duck. I stink at HTML myself, so I just use the default designs…maybe that will change eventually, though.
My Drunk Duck Comics:

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