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HTML help: moving between comic pages
leperdoctor at 6:57AM, Nov. 27, 2006
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with some HTML. I'm making a web comic on another website, but I'm unsure of how to make the back and forward buttons work properly, ie., clicking on the forward takes you one page forward and vice versa for the back button. Short of making an actual web page for every new comic page, is there some way I could get the picture to change like a lot of web comics (including all of the ones hosted here) seem to have? Or does anyone know how to do that? Any help would be appreciated.
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ozoneocean at 10:31AM, Nov. 27, 2006
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This site uses some kind of complicated system involving MySQL databases and PHP webpages… So unless you have acess to MySQL and PHP on your sever and actually know how to program with them, this system will be useless to you.

My own website uses some simple javascript that keeps the webpage the same and simply changes the image and the text.

Here is a simplified version of the code I use that just changes the image:

Comic page
= 3) || (Browser_Name == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && Browser_Ver >= 4)) Browser_Gen = ">=3rd";
   else Browser_Gen = "=3rd' ) {
	num_of_slides = 3;    // Declare the number of slides in your show
   slide_num = num_of_slides;        // Which slide loads ups first
  //  These functions alter the slide_num accordingly
      function firstslide(){
     slide_num = 1;
   function prevslide(){
     slide_num = slide_num - 1;
     if(slide_num  num_of_slides){
	slide_num = num_of_slides; nextslide();
   changeslide(); prevslide();
  function nextslide(){
     slide_num = slide_num + 1;
     if(slide_num > num_of_slides){
       slide_num = 1
   function lastslide(){
     slide_num = num_of_slides;
 //  This function changes the slide and the description box according to the slide_num
   function changeslide(){
     //  Changes the slide
     eval('document.picbox.src = "comic/pic' + slide_num + '.jpg"' );
function MM_jumpMenu(targ,selObj,restore){ //v3.0
  eval(targ+".location='"+selObj.options[selObj.selectedIndex].value+"'" );
  if (restore) selObj.selectedIndex=0;
     << Oldest
    < Back
    Next >
    Latest >>
pic1", "pic2“, etc.
2. Where it says ”num_of_slides = 3“, make the number equal the number of comic pages.
3. The images all go in a folder called ”comic".

…that should work.
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