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Kristen Gudsnuk at 10:39AM, Sept. 13, 2009
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OK, so I'm trying my hand at making a web site, and I was wondering what the best layout option (especially for a webcomic) is. I was thinking using tables, but.. how do you specify the height/width (in pixels) for each row/column?

I'm a little frustrated. Hope someone can help.

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ozoneocean at 8:15PM, Sept. 13, 2009
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Some useful table stuff here:

Table widths and heights are set in the table tag:

The width and hight of cells is done typically on the table data tags in pixels:

Or a percentage:

The hight tag isn't really needed that much though.

Tables can be very confusing to start with… it's best to try a WYSIWYG HTML edit program first so you can work visually and then see how the code is constructed to produce that effect.
The Seamonkey browser suit comes with a useful free website editing program:
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 9:20AM, Sept. 18, 2009
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oooh! Thanks ozone!!! maybe now my website won't be so pitiful.
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