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I am Legend
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The ending felt like more of a half-way point rather than the closure I was looking for. What a shame. It was such a great film up until the horrible closing chapter. Besides that it failed to follow the book in most of it's major aspects, yet nailed it's mood.

Well, the TDK trailer was worth it, and I don't regret paying to see it. Not a bad film, just rushed near the end. As soon as the credits rolled I literally turned to the person next to me and said “That's it? How long has it been, half an hour?”

exactly how I felt. Just when i thought it gets really interesting… it ends.
Like the story was chopped or something. With that the movie did feel short o.o cant believe it was even close to two hours. I think I went into the theatre with a little too much hype D:
same thing for me, loved the entire movie (except for one plot hole) until the end…
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