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I bet everyone has done this....
harkovast at 7:36PM, Oct. 15, 2008
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Come on, be honest, how many times have you posted a “finished” page but forgot to resize the image so it came out enormous and completely unreadable.
I just did it for the first of what I am sure will be many times!

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JoeL_CQB at 10:37PM, Oct. 15, 2008
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not really.

I've posted the page before because I'll forget to resize the new one and make a save of it.

I usually have my big copies and web copies in separate folders.
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Skullbie at 10:45PM, Oct. 15, 2008
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Never, I'm on dail-up(kill me now) so i know how it feels to be violated by gigantipicture.
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NickGuy at 7:21AM, Oct. 16, 2008
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EDIT: nevermind

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ozoneocean at 7:24AM, Oct. 16, 2008
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Never. I stupidly tired to upload a PS image once…
My biggest page is this, but that was completely deliberate and the file size isn't even that big for a big image. Only 301 KB
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BlkKnight at 8:29AM, Oct. 16, 2008
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I've done PSDs by mistake, but since I upload to a buffer and add comment replies afterwards, I'd catch a missed resize before anyone saw it. Rarely happens to me though.
That's “Dr. BlkKnight” to all of you.
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mattchee at 11:19AM, Oct. 16, 2008
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As I complete my pages they end up getting save to four separate files, depending on what they're for:

A basic art folder that contains the full PSDs (i also have illustrator files of the lettering that should really be elsewhere in there).

A lettered full size art folder.

A webomics folder (with my resized/formatted web versions of the images)


A Print folder, which has flattened full print res bitmap (Mastorism is B/W line art) TIFFs of the page.

So, if i upload from the webcomics folder, I'm golden! Plus I've recently given my pages totally different naming conventions based upon what type of file they are. I have, though, had various issues with my ComicPress site…. uploading images to the wrong folder (i have a sandbox version of the site that my FTP program automatically logs into, for some reason, rather than the live version), giving them the wrong names.. etc. Its just a matter of focusing on what you're doing I suppose…
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Steely Gaze at 4:38PM, Oct. 16, 2008
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I save a completely untouched B&W scan of my pages, and then make a GIMP file for the coloring, and then a JPG for printing. I resize the JPG and upload that, but due to a poor habit of using similar names, I accidentally uploaded the wrong, full-size page once.

After that, I began using vastly different names for each copy. There! Problem solved. :)
A Roll of the Dice now with full-size pages!

John Clyde now with ten times the tacky Hawaiian shirts!
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Pandafilando at 12:49PM, Oct. 29, 2008
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Not yet ….
i hope it never happens …
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Blackmoon at 2:30PM, Oct. 29, 2008
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I've accidentally uploaded pages from previous updates (ie, reuploading the previous page again).
Last time it happened I didn't figure it out until someone left a comment on it.
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Evil_Snuffkin at 6:49AM, Oct. 30, 2008
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I've forgotten to change the date of an upload once and didn't notice for a few days.
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harkovast at 7:45AM, Oct. 30, 2008
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I think it is something that once you've done it once you never ever ever do it again!
My mistaken page was only up for about 8 seconds before I got rid of it and put the correct one up, but it still made me cringe when I did it.
So far it's the only really amusing mistake that has actually made it into my comic (all be it briefly!).

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SeriousQuiche at 6:19PM, Nov. 4, 2008
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I've done it several times. it's not intentional, I just forget sometimes when I'm in a hurry. If I'm scanning stuff before class, I might send it without resizing it.

I never saw it as a big deal, just an unfortunate, but correctable error.
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Koshou at 5:08PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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resizing is the FIRST thing I do, so… never. >>
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Naughtelos at 4:07PM, Nov. 10, 2008
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I've forgotten to change the date of an upload once and didn't notice for a few days.
Happens to me alllll the time.
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JustNoPoint at 9:38PM, Nov. 10, 2008
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I save at 2 sizes.

One is 990 wide and the DD one is 800 wide.

Once I accidentally uploaded the 990 O_O

Yeah can you believe that?!

And it was totally up for like nearly a week. I didn't notice till I got on a monitor that wasn't wide screen.
I was totally floored!!! I had to delete all 200 pages of the archive and start over to feel less dirty…

*some parts of this post was exaggerated to add even the slightest bit of interest
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BffSatan at 10:13PM, Nov. 15, 2008
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Nope, I've uploaded plenty of pages with incorect spelling, I'm terrible at it. Unfortunately I never got to change it because that was all when drunk duck had problems with editing pages and I lost all of the files to my old comics, they sucked anyway.

Oh an once I forgot to add text, but I deleted that quickly.
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