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i can't wait to see this movie
subcultured at 11:44AM, April 1, 2009
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the next LOTR
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Product Placement at 12:45PM, April 1, 2009
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Nice try sub. But it's an April fools joke from 2 years ago.
Those were my two cents.
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This space for rent.
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subcultured at 1:49PM, April 1, 2009
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lba at 3:42PM, April 1, 2009
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I still think a LOZ movie would be 10x better than any superhero movie ever has been. There isn't any canon story to screw up since each story takes place hundreds of years apart and is only remotely related to the others. So long as they follow the concept set down by the games in that manner there's nothing to compare it to scene by scene. It would take them actually trying to screw it up.
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seventy2 at 5:16PM, April 1, 2009
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at first i thought this was another joke. i looked it up.

Regarding the LoZ trailor, they used to april fools everyone with the Dragonball Z the movie. look how that ended up. would you like to bring that upon us? hmmm iba? would you really curse us like that?
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tiffawolf at 7:42AM, April 2, 2009
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lol i duna know, killer bunnies are kinda catchy,hahahaha na lets leave all that to the humans and let bunnies be cute before we encourage them to take over the world and become the dominant species XD
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bravo1102 at 7:56AM, April 2, 2009
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Killer rabbit? Been done.

“What behind the rabbit?”

“No, it is the Rabbit!”

“You stupid Scottish git, I soiled my armour!”

“Listen, he's got fangs, he can jump… you'll see!”
(In the Broadway musical Spamalot after using the Holy Hand grenade to kill the Killer Rabbit you see the puppeteers run away lol! )

But rabbits with RPGs and miniguns? This I gotta see.

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