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i cant upload pages ?
artofzinn at 11:29PM, May 23, 2010
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i was trying to upload my new pages today but all that shows up is tha box with the red x ? i see some other new posts up that have this displaying as their cover so i guess something is wrong with the system ? how do we report problems to dd ? i guess i'll try again later unless someone knows what's wrong.. i also see that on yhe bottom of the page it shows whitch administrators are on line is there any way to contact them when someone finds a problem? just wondering…
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skoolmunkee at 12:26AM, May 26, 2010
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A couple of points to reply to there:

1. It was an image upload bug, it was fixed fairly quickly, so try re-uploading the pages now. It should be fine.

2. There are a few subforums here where people can get help:
“Help! how do I…?” which is where questions about how the site works go
“Extermination Station” where you can report bugs or unexpected problems
“coding help and templates” which is where people go for help in designing custom html for their comic pages here.

This forum, “tips and tricks” is mainly for shop talk about comic crafting.

3. To contact someone (like an admin), click on their username. You will be at their profile page, and next to their avatar there will be a link to “send user a private message” (or some text like that).

4. There are some problems with that admin list at the bottom of the forum (which we keep asking them to change, and they don't)… the only current admins are myself and ozoneocean, and our names are always listed there whether we're online or not. So you can certainly message us, but we won't get the message until we visit the site again.
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