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I have a news topic, how do I get it on the main page?
skoolmunkee at 2:45AM, April 9, 2006
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Basically, you just have to tell us. We can't possibly monitor everyone's comic, so we rely on you to tell us if you're reaching a milestone or anniversary.

What we can post:

Comic milestones - we count by 25s. 25, 50, 75, 100, etc. Also comic anniversaries- 1 year, 2 years, so on!

We can announce if your comic is has been completed, too. This usually is a great accomplishment, and it's a well-deserved pat on the back. :)

Have you published a book?
Is your comic up for an award?
Did you get interviewed or featured someplace?
Are you having a contest?
Do you have any other projects that are webcomics-related?
Is there a really interesting article about webcomics from some other source?
Is there a thread in the forums about a community activity that you think should get more attention?

We may end up deciding something isn't quite appropriate for the main page, but there is no harm in asking!

Note when we say contests, we mean actual contests with some kind of winner. Contests where all the entrants win isn't really a contest. lol! A lot of people have ‘contests’ where they want people to send them fan art and all the entrants get their stuff posted to the comic because oops they're going on vacation and need all the filler they can get! That's not a contest, that's just a request for filler. :) Good for them that they can get fan art and such, but the newspost isn't the place to ask for it. Try the Networking and Community forum!

What we cannot post:

If you're starting a comic, going on hiatus, re-starting a comic after a hiatus (planned or unplanned), or just re-vamping your comic to improve it, we offer you hearty congratulations! But we won't put up a newspost about it. :( Sorry.

Dozens of comics on DD do one of those every day, the point of a newspost is to post things that are out of the ordinary or deserve recognition - if there were newsposts for (pretty much) every comic every other day, that makes the announced comics less noteworthy overall. Not to mention it would be kind of an unfair advantage, and it's easy for people to take advantage of. Plus if you've just started or re-started, what new stuff is there for people to read when they get there? (And if you're going on hiatus, chances are your regular readers will know if you make an author's comment about it.)

The "Hey Everyone, Look What I did" Forum is a great place for you to post things like that. If you want to make your re-launch newsworthy, check out the paragraph on contests and projects! ;)

New Chapter? Sorry, we don't announce chapters any more - unfair advantage, those guys get chapters and 25s, everyone else just gets 25s. More fair if everyone sticks to 25s!

We don't announce pageviews because we can't verify ‘em, sorry. :(

Requests for artist help, sprite sheets, writers, etc. also can’t be announced on the front page. All of the Admins are in agreement that unless it's an actual contest or some kind of milestone or something, a request for help (unless it is something pretty unusual) shouldn't go on the main page as a newspost. It isn't really noteworthy, it's more of a community request thing. That said there's a networking/community forum that anyone is welcome to post in, which is probably the best place if someone needs any help with their comics. :)

There's a bit of discretion here too. Again, the newsposts are meant to be for noteworthy or unusual things. Sometimes we will make an exception but we try to adhere to these guidelines as much as possible.

How to tell us about your news:
Send a PQ to skoolmunkee with your announcement and any relevant links. If you want to send me specific text to post, that is fine, or you can just let me know the gist and then I can say something quickly about it.

Feel free to PQ me for any related questions as well. Better to ask when you're unsure. Thanks!
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skoolmunkee at 10:57AM, June 26, 2010
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This post needs a little updating!

Other things we can announce:

If you are starting/running/involved in a community project, we're happy to make general announcements for it. It's starting, it needs members, voting has started, and so forth.

We've also started letting people put in newsposts if they are doing commissions, etc. It's sort of like announcing their book being published- it's still a kind of artwork-related sale. If you're not sure whether we'll announce something of yours, it won't hurt to ask. (Not sure yet how far we want these ‘sales’ announcements to extend.)

For things we won't announce (from the post above):

Generally we won't post things like ‘back from hiatus’ or ‘changing update schedule’ etc on their own, but if you've got another milestone which we WOULD post (like 50 pages), we are happy to piggyback on that secondary bit. :]
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