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I just got some inking supplies and I need a little help....
alexcat321 at 9:08PM, July 25, 2009
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I just brought a bottle of super black ink and before I use it I want to avoid making any mistakes ( I usually use brush pens and fine points). The bottle says before use mix well and what does it mean by mix. Do you just shake it or what. I'm also going to be using a brush but anyways, what and how do I prepare the ink for inking? What does it mean by mix well, with what? Please help. Do I NEED to mix?

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archies at 11:36AM, July 28, 2009
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Usually they just want you to shake it a few times (probably something to do with the heavier elements gone to the bottom and the - water? on top), but yeah I would shake it before use (always), if I were you. As for the preparing: after shaking it, you ought to be ready to apply the ink:)

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Jabali at 6:36AM, Aug. 3, 2009
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What Archies said but also you can add a drop or two of water to a small cap filled with ink. This was done to make the ink “run” faster on the paper. Don't add to much because the inking might look gray instead of a solid black.

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