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I need back up now, or maybe this is no time for jokes
Sharksman at 2:38AM, July 18, 2008
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Yea im very forgetful, thats why I have this problem.

The Problem \/
I wont to change the background on my comic's, you see, on my first one, I changed it to brick background, now I made a new one, I wont to change that as well, only I forgot, and I have looked on every thing, Comic Overview etc.

So realy I need directions to where ever the background changeometer 2000 is.
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skoolmunkee at 7:46AM, July 19, 2008
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Right now you are using one of the pre-made templates, which are easy to set up, just clicking a few buttons. (You can find the template-choosing area by going to your comic account and clicking the ‘Layout’ option at the top of the page.)

If you want to use your own background that you've made, it's a much more complicated process… *especially* if you are already using one of the pre-made templates (which you are) and want to keep everything about the template except the background (which sounds like what you want.)

Basically, if you want to use your own home-made background, you need to mess with the raw HTML code of a page. There's no way to just plug it in with a couple buttons.

I'd explain it all here, but you really just need to know a bit of HTML code. It wouldn't be *too* difficult (just a little bit of copy-pasting) except you are using one of the pre-set templates and not the Drunk Duck default, which means more coding mess.

If you are really interested in doing that you should check the ‘coding help and templates’ forum- although if you don't know anything about HTML you're probably going to need to find someone willing to help you come up with the code you need.
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