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i need help
ladynem at 8:16AM, July 1, 2007
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i just signed up and im alil lost ^^; i do not know how to put up my comic. i went to create a comic but there does not seem to be the option to uplaod it. can anyone help out a poor drunken duck noob? lol^^

thank you for your time.
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Terminal at 8:28AM, July 1, 2007
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Well, first create the comic. Go to Create A Comic! button which is located at the upper right hand side of the site. Add description, the title of the comic, the rating and click on Create This Comic!

Once that is done, click on My Controls, which is located right next to the Create a Comic! button on the right hand side of the site. In the My Controls section of the site, below Account Info and under Comics You Own, click on the name of the comic you just created. You'll end up at a section called Comic Overview, here you can edit the thumbnail, the description, the rating and much more. On the menu, which is below the comic name, click on Comic Pages.

This will lead you to the section where you can upload comic pages so that they appear on your comic website. You can also do some other things here once you upload your comic page, things like Edit, which allows you to edit an uploaded page. You can change the title, author's note, or the actual graphic of a page or delete the page outright. You cannot edit a live date, View, which will show you the uploaded graphic for a page by itself and Delete, which will delete a comic page. To upload a comic page, click on the Add Pages button:

Add the title, some Author's Notes, and the comic page itself. Click on Send Pages and the your comic shall be updated. This is how you add pages.
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ladynem at 8:43AM, July 1, 2007
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thank you, you really helped me ^_^ i got it now. /high fives
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