Meet, Greet, Show and Sell

I say hello (:
Rutger at 2:18AM, Oct. 14, 2007
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They had better be drunk ducks though.

Obvious jokes ftw.

K.A.L.A.-dan! rutGAR desu!
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Shadow99 at 3:54PM, Nov. 26, 2007
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Hi there
DSCV. Bet you don't know what it means! Read coconut Voltage
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SwinS at 7:53PM, Nov. 26, 2007
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You're not really on fire? How misleading.

Welcome, anyhow.
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trevoramueller at 10:33AM, Nov. 27, 2007
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My Drunk Duck Comics:

Nominated for numerous web awards, see more news at My Website
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crocty at 11:59AM, Nov. 27, 2007
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Hi there

Way to Necropost!

Hi…I guess…
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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maritalbliss at 3:50PM, Nov. 27, 2007
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Hi, alecisonfire. I'm Lynn. I sign up for a lot of random junk around that time myself. Hopefully, you won't be disappointed, as Drunk Duck IS fun. Welcome to it, have fun with the comic, it can be a blast!

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