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I tried to make a new comic...
Dudesy at 2:14PM, Sept. 17, 2006
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If Only Everyone On Earth Would Read All Of This Instad Of Overlooking It Because Its Name Is So Goddamn Long And Uneasy To Read In A Web Browser But Is Easy To Read If You Take Out All Of The Unnessacery Underscores And The Rest Of The Retarded Web Address That Nobody Cares To Read About Because It Is So Goddamn Long.

But I got this instead: There was an error in your request. Please report this to an administrator for correction.Click here to go back and try again.
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skoolmunkee at 2:28PM, Sept. 18, 2006
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That sounds about right. T_T
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Anonymous at 4:17PM, Sept. 18, 2006
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Maybe they have a title length limit. That'd be my guess based on your comic title. >_>
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Terminal at 5:07PM, Sept. 18, 2006
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So far the biggest title on DrunkDuck is Tetris Can Mean A Lot Of Things But It Cannot Define The True Meaning Of Life Because The Answer Is Impossible Since The Answer To Life Is Tetris Itself.

.: Myxomatosis :.
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