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I'm quitting sprite comics, so hand drawn help.
PoisonedV at 8:01PM, March 26, 2006
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Can anyone give me some tips for starting a hand drawn comic? I have a tablet and a scanner.
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mykill at 8:41PM, March 26, 2006
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narrative determines content, drawing ability determines how to approach showing the content.

Excellent comics can be done with stick figures.
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marine at 11:36PM, March 26, 2006
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I use Flash 5, a cheap optical mouse, and very little effort. I'm essentially still making sprite comics. I don't think that helps you out at all. Fuck.
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lothar at 5:36AM, March 27, 2006
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i would go with the tablet , its what i use almost 100% of the time . make some realy fast drawn comics , at first just start making random stuff and try to make as many comics as possible REALY FAST , because in the beggining you are prolly gonna suck , so just get that out of the way QUICK !
LATER you can start referancing model material , if you want to draw a tank GOOGLE for it and then just copy and past it right into your image, like in a column next to the comic (later you can crop it out (are you using photoshop or what ?)) don't trace it , but have it right there as close as possible to your comic page (sometimes it helps me to skrew around with the color and contrast of my referance material so i get a better idea of the shadows and junk !)
i could go on but you didn't give much details , like ;is it gonna be color or cartoony or realistic or dark or Vampire infested ?????
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Podunk U at 9:12AM, April 2, 2006
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I've read several comics on this site that were hand-drawn and then scanned in. This method usually doesn't work as the lines and contrast don't show up very well.
If you are handy with a tablet, I would recommend using that. Otherwise, just use Paint like me.
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Eunice P at 9:43PM, April 2, 2006
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Start practising drawing basic shapes like a circle, square, etc. Search for some art books that teaches you how to draw basic shapes.
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Gibbo at 3:41AM, April 8, 2006
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And to add to the good points already made here… make sure yeh use a decent graphics program in conjunction with the tablet (though I personally use a mouse to draw)… Microsoft Paint is absolutely useless, and there are some amazing free programs out there to use if you don't have Paintshop or Photoshop… like the GIMP (google it if yeh haven't heard of it!)

Comic-wise, it really depends on what kind of comic you want to do… whether it's a storyline, or a whole bunch of one-off comics (gag-a-day I think it's called). If you go with the latter, then you'll find that good inspiration comes from everyday occurences, and current events (whether it's to do with games, politics, movies… whatever niche you want to go with!)

Drawing-wise, find a style you really like and want to be able to draw in, and look at a whole bunch of pictures in that style… study how the characters are formed and shaped, and above all, practise a helluva lot! Also, I wouldn't recommend copying someone's work, people tend to get quite upset about that! XD

Hope this helps yah in some way!
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PoisonedV at 7:15AM, April 8, 2006
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Be warned, it sucks :D
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