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KazeFire at 4:51AM, Dec. 22, 2007
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I made another sprite comic yesterday, even though i clearly labled it as a sprite comic, it came up with that icon that looks like a sword or something next to it. Is this just my comp or is anyone else having problems with this also?


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omegaman at 11:56AM, Dec. 22, 2007
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no it's not just your computer. my pokemon national park comic has the little sword guy for some reason aswell.
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BlkKnight at 7:25PM, Dec. 22, 2007
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It looks like some of the search categorization is finally implemented with changes to the genre selection. Considering sprite was removed, it could be the cause.
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skoolmunkee at 1:49AM, Dec. 24, 2007
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Hm, it may be that the comic sign up page doesn't match the search options any more…
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