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IE Problem... Possible Bug?
reconjsh at 9:02AM, April 30, 2007
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To whoever can help,
I'm not sure if it's on my end or DD's end… but I'm having trouble keeping IE logged-in on DD under my account ID: reconjsh.

I can't do anything logged-in using the IE browser. I type in my name/PW and it accepts it and the next page appears as though I'm logged-in… but as soon as I navigate to any page next, it drops my login. It seems like my log cookie is being dropped as soon as I log-in or though I never logged-in at all.

Oddly, Firefox is working fine… which leads me to believe the problem is on my end. But, I created a new account on DD and that new account can work fine in IE and is not sharing the problems this account is on IE… which leads me to believe the problem is on DD's end.

Here's some of the things I've already considered and are fine:
* My Firewall(s) is not a problem.
* My browser's cookie settings are appropriately set.
* My computer is completely updated.
* My internet cookies/cache has emptied (in case there's a cookie or something that got stuck).
* I even re-installed IE and reset the options to default.
* And of course, I've rebooted my PC as well. ;)

I can only assume my account is not flagged or anything since I can log-in fine in Firefox. Could this be, though?

Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem?

(I hope this is the right forum - not really sure where else to put it - perhaps “extermination station” if other people are having this problem?)

Thanks in advance,
(Outland Angels)
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reconjsh at 9:10AM, April 30, 2007
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F@cking weird. I've been having this problem for almost 2 days now….. and you'll never guess what happened.

As soon as I make this post, I went to go check IE… and it started working fine. WTF? I f-ing hate PCs & IE.

The only changes between when this wasn't working and now when it are: 1) I made this post, and 2) I got on my MAC and checked to see if the problem existed in Safari (and it doesn't).

*sigh* I don't get it… and I'm a Computer Science major (although I took the design pathway), rofl. The only thing I can think of is that creating a new account and logging in as that somehow reset some cookie (even though I looked and there shouldn't have been any) and now IE is working right. Although, it WAS still having the problem for awhile after I logged-in under the new account when I logged out and tried this account again… so technically, this couldn't have been the fix.

Weird. Just weird.

Anyways… I'll let you know if this problem returns, but at least now I have a good idea that it's on my end.
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ozoneocean at 10:26AM, April 30, 2007
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Sounds strange, but not unlikely.
There have been a lot of changes recently that have caused strange things to happen.
Could it be javascript related? That's what I suspect.
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reconjsh at 5:12PM, April 30, 2007
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Maybe. I'll persue that.

I kind of assumed it was something on the backend of DD being changed and I had a cookie lodged that DD didn't understand any more.

Who knows!? I've seen stranger with Windows and IE. I guess I can't really do anything unless it happens again.

Thanks for the comment Double O.

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