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If anyone needs some references...
Hunchdebunch at 4:07AM, July 26, 2009
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I've been putting together a reference folder, and I just thought that it would be nice if I shared some of it with people who need it :) I've got various different things in there, from facial expressions, to fighting moves, to animals, to furniture. Also, I draw all the pictures myself so they're in my style, but I copy most of them from photos, books, etc.

So if you need anything just ask and I'll see if it's in my folder. If it is I'll post it here for you, and if it isn't I'll see if I have time to get some references for you. Some of the pages I've made only have 1 or 2 pictures, but I'll try and make sure there are at least 3 pictures of what you ask for. Also, I'm sorry but don't ask me for naked people or stuff for sex scenes because I don't like to draw that lol.

I'll put an example page here for you to see.

So that's my page so far for thoughtful expressions. As you can see there's a bit of variety, they're clearly thinking about different things. For example the one on the top left could be talking to someone and thinking about something they've just said, maybe trying to work out someting about their character. The next one along is probably thinking about something a little more serious, he has possibly seen something that has confused him in some way, and is now trying to make sense of it. The third one along could be trying to come up with a plan, possibly. The one on the bottom left could possibly have woken up after a night of drunken craziness and is now trying to remember what he did lol.

I copied the first picture from a poster, the second from a book (The Complete Book Of Drawing Manga, by Peter Gray), I'm pretty sure I made up the third one, and the last one was copied from a magazine.

So yeah, if you think I might be able to help feel free to ask :)

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Hunchdebunch at 2:55AM, July 27, 2009
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Here's a list of what I have in my folder right now:

Angry: People looking angry! Grr! lol

Annoyed: People looking annoyed

Appliances: All stuff like washing machines, fridges, kettles, etc

Babies: Little babies! Aged between newborn and about a year old

Cars: I need to add to this, since I only have one picture and it's of a police car. I needed it for a comic lol

Cats (Small/domestic): Any pet cats or small wild cats. No tigers in here.

Creatures with 4 legs: This is really just for me. It's just got some creatures that I made up.

Cying: People crying. Only a couple of different examples right now

Curious: People (and one animal lol) looking curious

Dinosaurs: Prehistoric beasties! I've only got one picture right now though. I'd better get some more!

Dogs: A few different breeds, different poses, including a person walking a dog.

Eating/drinking: At the moment I've only got a picture of a guy drinking a cup of tea. I think I need more lol

Eyes closed: Not sure why have this, but I do. People with their eyes closed, from a couple of angles.

Facing away: People from straight behind or a 3/4 view from behind.

Facing left: Different people facing either directly left, or a 3/4 view to the left. Plenty of examples here lol including a robot

Facing right: Same as the one above, but people facing to the right

Falling: People falling! Includes people tripping over backwards, fainting, or looking like they've been thrown.

Feet: The human foot! (I might make a section for animal feet later, maybe) Shows the foot from different angles and in different positions.

Fighting stances: This one's a bit lacking, it only has a couple of pictures. It shows, like it says, different fighting stances.

Flirty: People looking flirty, and of course everyone flirts differently, so there will eventually be a lot of variety. Right now, sadly, there are only two pictures.

Flying: People flying! The only example I have right now is a Yutaio (A creature I made up, it's like a bat person) flying, so he has wings. But if people need them I can add one's without wings.

From above: People's heads from above. Only one example right now.

Furniture: Anything that is considered furniture. There are beds, fireplaces, chairs, mirrors, etc. And I can add more if you want something specific.

Gadgets: Any gadgets, or people using them. Phones, televisions, cameras, hair dryers, anything like that.

Grabbing: People grabbing people in fights or any situation I guess lol. There are two of people grabbing each other, and two of people being picked up by a giant or something. A thing with very large hands lol

Grinning/smiling: Exactly what it says. There are children smiling, evil sneers, naughty grins, toothless grins, toothy grins, etc.

Hands: The hands section is quite big, it's one of the biggest so far. Hands from lots of angles and in different positions. Hands holding things, clenched fists, hands on hips, hands reaching out, even someone picking their nose, yuck!

Hand stands: Two examples of people doing hand stands so far. One is stood on two hands, the other is stood on one.

Instruments: Only two examples so far, one of a boy playing guitar, one of someone playing a banjo.

Jumping/lunging: Any people jumping/lunging. Only one example right now, a monster leaping forward.

Kicking: Quite a few different examples in here. A jumping kick, a very high kick, and some others.

Laughing: Only one example for some reason. People laughing!

Laying down: People layed down in different ways. Propped up on one elbow, with their head in their hands, or resting on their arm.

Leaning: People leaning against things. Leaning on walls, holding onto a pole and leaning away from it, leaning on door frames, etc.

Looking down: People looking down, a few different examples

Looking up: People looking up, different angles, a few examples

Mad: People looking mad/insane. I only have one example right now

Magic: People using magic, or just drawings of magic effects. Although I usually add in effects on photoshop, so right now there's no drawings of effects.

Pain: People looking like they're in pain

Penguins: Only one picture right now

Punching: Quite a few different punches from different angles

Reading: People reading. Two pictures of people sat down with a book, one of a person standing up.

Running: People running at different speeds, from different angles. 3 examples.

Sad: People looking sad, but not crying. Different angles, and different levels of sadness.

Sitting: People sat down, on chairs, on walls, on the floor, and in different sitting positions. Quite a few examples.

Shock/surprise: People looking shocked or surprised. Different levels of shock, and different angles. Quite a few examples.

Shoes: Different types of shoes, at different angles. So far there are four pictures, a high-heeled slip on shoe, a boot, converse styled shoe, and a heeled boot.

Slapping: People slapping people or being slapped. Only one example right now.

Sleeping: People asleep in different positions. Later there will be people actually sleeping in a bed, but right now the only example is someone who fell asleep at a table. And he's drooling. Yuck.

Smug: People looking smug. Different levels of smugness, some just looking proud, and some just looking like they think they're better than everyone.

Stepping on: People stepping on things, or being stepped on. Only one example right now, of someone being stepped on.

Suspicious/mistrustful: People looking like they don't trust someone. Only one example at the moment.

Thoughtful: Well, the pictures are in the post above lol

Throwing/catching: People throwing or catching things. Two examples right now, one person who has either just caught or is about to throw a ball, and one who has just caught or is about to throw a boulder or something.

Tired/sleepy: People looking tired. Different levels of tiredness. At the moment there's only one example though.

Tongue out: People sticking their tongues out. There will be different angles and stuff, but right now there's only one example.

Triumphant: People looking triumphant. Only one example right now.

Turtles/tortoises: At the moment there is one turtle and one tortoise.

Walking: People walking. There will be different angles and different types of walking (cuz everyone walks differently!) but right now there's only one example.

Weapons: People using/holding weapons of different types. Includes swords, battle poles, scythes, nunchuks (or however it's spelt lol), and guns at the moment, but I can get more pictures of different weapons if you need them.

Wolves/werewolves: I draw werewolves like big wolves, so they're in the same section. There are more werewolves than wolves right now, but the poses can work for both.

Writing/drawing: people writing or drawing. Only one example at the moment.

So, that's everything in my folder right now, and I'm always adding to it. So if I add anything I'll add it to this list. If you want to see any of these pages to help with your drawings, just ask, and if you need something that isn't here, jsut tell me and if I have time (I probably will) I'll find some pictures and add them to my folder and post them here.

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