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If you are going to make a thread saying MY IMAGES AREN'T SHOWING, stop now and read this!
skoolmunkee at 1:57PM, June 21, 2008
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fixed now, never mind!

The images on DD aren't updating correctly, and haven't been for a long time. The affected images include:

- comic thumnbails
- comic pages
- user avatars
- custom page graphics

The problem is that DD's image server, which is hosted remotely, doesn't automatically check for updated images- only completely new ones. Code needs to be written to fix that gap, but it's complicated and time consuming and so far the site coder hasn't had the time to dedicate toward it.

In some cases, force-refreshing your page (push F5) will get the new image to show. In other cases, try these workarounds:

- Try uploading your thumbnail or user avatar as a different image type (if you've already got a png, try uploading a jpg or gif) NOTE that gif is not accepted as a filetype for comic thumbnails

- Try renaming your file, instead of page1 call it edited-page1 or something, then re-upload it

Otherwise, you will have to be patient and wait for the problem to be fixed. We know it is extremely annoying and it is our #1 thing that we want fixed- but until we can march over to Platinum's offices with a machete and a manifesto, they're not going to get around to it until they're good and ready. Sorry, if you're experiencing this problem you have all the admins' sympathy, but there's nothing we can do beyond the suggestions here.

Anyone who posts a thread in Extermination Station or Help! How Do I…? about what I've just explained here gets called a lazy butt who couldn't be bothered to check the bright red stickied threads at the top of the page before posting about their problem.
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