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If you like samurai...
mishi_hime at 4:09PM, Jan. 29, 2008
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I just watched recently two movies that are really similar and good.
They show a different side of Samurai (besides the fighting)
Both the main characters have a bad social standing, you wouldn't think much of them just by looking at them. Twilight Samurai has more of a ruruoni kenshin quality. Seibei cares more about family than money and his lack of it never really bothered him. There's also a great bokken Vs katana scene :)In hidden blade, the samurai keeps mostly to himself and likes to hide his feelings. He has enough trouble trying to learn these ‘western weapons’ .Both men eventually fall in love with beautiful girls….which are unfortunately unobtainable. What's worse they are both married off to jerks. -_- How will these samurai obtain back their honor and happiness?

Pick up Tasogare Seibei Twilight Samurai & Kakushi ken oni no tsume The hidden blade.

i rented them both at blockbuster.
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Warpedwenger at 5:37PM, Jan. 29, 2008
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I am a samurai actually…
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Lord Shplane at 8:02PM, Jan. 29, 2008
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Samurai stab things.
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TheMidge28 at 8:56AM, Jan. 30, 2008
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My all time favorite when it comes to Samurai films would be Yojimbo.
deals with a Ronin, a masterless Samurai who comes into a small town where two warring gangs are fighting for control. Classic Kurosawa!
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jalford at 4:39PM, May 13, 2008
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Hero was der bomb!
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DarkChibiShadow at 10:15AM, May 18, 2008
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Lord Shplane
Samurai stab things.

Yes, yes they do.

(Can't believe I kept forgeting to put that nom. up…)

K.A.L.A-dan! Shipper!
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mlai at 4:19PM, May 19, 2008
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No no no, samurai don't stab things. They cut.

FIGHT current chapter: Filling In The Gaps
FIGHT_2 current chapter: Light Years of Gold
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AquaAlchemist at 5:51AM, May 20, 2008
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No no no, samurai don't stab things. They cut.
I believe they do a little slicin' and dicin' as well.
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isukun at 2:55PM, May 20, 2008
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Sometimes they stab things, but cutting is the more practical use of a Katana. I still wonder what Hero has to do with samurai, though. Isn't that that Jet Li movie?
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ozoneocean at 5:39AM, May 21, 2008
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That curved, two handed blade is a good shape for chopping… Or hacking. But with that beautiful, relatively even balance, chopping's not as easy as it is with most other types of edged sword. Good quality weapons for ritualised fighting techniques but never the war blades that are famed in other places and times, -although much better quality and it's likely because of that quality why there weren't. Lovely in their own specific context: feudal Japan, in the hands of Samurai.

…just my views.

Those movies sound good :)
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mechanical_lullaby at 5:51AM, May 23, 2008
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I liked them– but I have to throw Zatoichi in here.

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ChazWolf at 2:04PM, May 27, 2008
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I'd have to vote for the entire Lone Wolf & Cub series.

My favourite series of movies of all time.
“I set my standards pretty low, so I'm never disappointed.”
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